The Heritage Village in Fremont California is one of the best choices that you can possibly have. It is a place where imagination becomes a reality and wherein both fantasy and reality come to meet. In this village, you can visualize a serene paradise blended by a park-like atmosphere. With lots of pleasurable, enticing amenities and lustrous community features, one can never regret living in the Heritage Village. Only delight and pure exuberance are in existence. Moreover, the Heritage Village Apartments are situated near well-known Fremont schools, major shopping centers and freeways. It is also a mere 1.7 miles away from the BART, a heavy rail public rapid-transit system, which gives quick travels towards numerous popular destinations that are surely remarkable to the eyes of tourists. These landmarks are not only accessible for people traveling from the village but also they are all visually stunning.
The first tourist spot that must not be missed is the Fremont Central Park. It is a 450 acre park that is located right in the center of the city. Talking about the Fremont BART station earlier, this park is only about a block and a half away from the Fremont BART. Lake Elizabeth, actually a man made lake, is the highlight within the very wide park. It is an 83 acre body of water that caters to the needs of visiting tourists who loves taking pictures and having a satisfying picnic time. They can also play almost all minor sports nearby. Moreover, the northeastern segment of the park also has a majestic golf course for avid golf fanatics. Because the park is strategically located in Fremont's downtown, there are many shopping centers nearby. Two of the most notable plazas in the area are the Washington West Plaza and the Gateway Shopping Plaza, which are all just down the street from where the park is located. These centers are adjacent to Washington Hospital, so as to ensure
proper and accessible health care needs, if any untoward incident surfaces.

One of the most scenic mountain peaks east of Fremont is the popular Mission Peak. Others claim that it is an extinct volcano because of its shape and sharp-pointed peak, which resembles that of a volcano; however, it is simply an erosion anomaly or uplift. There are also panoramic views that can be seen from the peak including other towering peaks like Mount Hamilton and Mount Diablo. In addition, the peak showcases breathtaking views of the thriving cities of San Jose, Oaland, San Francisco, and even Fremont itself. From this location, one can feast his eyes on almost everything that nature can offer.
The Alameda Creek Regional Trail, another tourist destination, stretches for as far as 12 miles. It originates from the neighborhood of Fremont and extends to the west towards San Francisco Bay. One can bring his or her camera just to capture the many beautiful types of scenery that may be encountered along the way. The trail has two parallel pathways: the beautifully paved southern path, which can be the route to be utilized by persons traveling on foot, and those who ride their bicycles and the unpaved northern path that can be used by horseback riders other than pedestrians and cyclists. This trail also leads straight to the Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area.

The Quarry Lakes, also a park, is our last but certainly not the least travel destination. A captivating recreation area, offers intensive leisure activities such as boating, swimming fishing, and picnicking. It also has room for other activities like hiking and even watching wildlife. Also, it has a Recreational Unit of two sub lakes namely: Horseshoe Lake and Rainbow Lake. There are designated swimming and picnic places around these lakes. Spectators can also play volleyball and enjoy non-gasoline powered watercrafts. The Quarry Lakes also showcases hiking and biking as one of its major activities because, as stated earlier, it has a path that connects to the Alameda Creek Regional Trail where any tourist can enjoy the luscious green nature. Fishing, on the other hand, is allowed only in the Recreational Unit of Quarry Lakes but other excellent fishing opportunities are sometimes made available at Shinn Pond. With regards to boating, canoes, kayaks, and small boats with ele
ctric-powered motors may be used only if launched into Horseshoe Lake from a so-called boat launch. As a friendly and advance reminder, dog walking is actually not permitted anywhere in the park. Although regarded as man's best friend, unfortunately for them, this time they can't be allowed near the waters or swim in beach areas nearby. Like dogs, alcohol is also strictly prohibited in the park, except in some picnic areas wherein strict rules have to be followed.

Overall, these tourist attractions are marvels of nature. These places are truly worth your precious time. Maybe your experience one of these days will even exceed your expectations, most especially if you are the ones visiting these landmarks yourself. Why don't you spend quality time to have a break and celebrate life in these places? Be marveled by the magnificent beauty that only Mother Nature can offer. So come and see for yourself and experience "heaven on earth."