Consider Montana before you plan your next vacation. The Big Sky Country is the western state of Montana that will wow you for the rest of your life. Too many things to tell you about this state, so let's not waste any time.

Best time of year to go there depends on what you like to do. Since we are all individuals, I will tell you many activities and sightseeing places so you can choose which best suits you and your family.

Summer in Montana invites the fly fisherman to many lakes, rivers and streams for healthy fishing adventures. Rod and reel in hand welcome the fishing sportsman to acquire Rainbow trout, brook trout, bass, salmon along with pike which are only a few of the catch of a day. Talk to the local bait and tackle places where you plan on spending your fishing day. They know the right rigs and enticement for a successful fishing experience.

Winter fishing is not as common in Montana as it used to be, however the ice fishing equipement can make that a far more comfortable activity than in the past.

Sightseeing is abundant from all areas of Montana. Eastern Montana is arid, dry and sparce with tree and vegetation alike. Some birds and wildlife choose the Chinook area for the warmth in the summer so bird watching will add to deer, goffers and prairie dogs that will be often seen in great numbers. Rolling drifting-like terrain can soothe the eyes and mind, taking you into a gentle relaxation you might never have known. The entertainment will long be remembered after you leave the eastern part of the state.

Camera equipment will be right at home in Montana no matter where you plan on visiting. From the National Parks to the any of the local or government parks, the sights will take your breath away. If at all possible, make plans to see the Glacier National Park in West Galcier, about 11 miles from Columbia Falls, Montana. This northwestern part of Montana is dotted with peaks of rugged mountains with grassy valleys in between them.

Camping is done with tents, RVs , truck inserts and sleeping bags on the ground, Check regulations before you have a disappointment that your plans cannot be accomplished. Many campsites have limited space, need reservations or restrict use of certain camping gear for safety reasons. Chalets, hotels, condos, cottages, motel chains, bed and breakfasts and private house rentals are abundant throughout the state with varying prices. Some are seasonal due to snow depth, so pay attention to dates of use when inquiring about accommodations.

Winter abounds with opportunities to down hill or cross -country ski some of the worlds top 20 places which are located in Montana. Whitefish and Lakeside are in the western part of Montana, while Bozeman invites you to ski the eastern part of the Big Sky Country. Some of these winter resorts remain open in the summer to allow sightseeing from the gondolas high atop the mountain crests.

Shopping is not only delightful it is historic in Montana's Candy Emporium in Red Lodge, Montana. Some of the old and all the new candy confections will be found by visiting on the Internet to see the selection and directions to get your sweet tooth satisfied. Phillipsburg, Montana beckons you to the Sweet Palace where you will be awed by the smells, textures and tastes of some of the finest homemade and imported candies. If you dare connect with to have your mouth water forever.

Virginia City is old cowboy country with something for children of all ages to be educated and fully enjoy. The old gold mining city of the the 1860's can be reviewed : so you can plan your trip to enjoy all that town has to offer.

Golfing can be fully enjoyed at numerous courses all around the state of Montana. Choose your spot by visiting : to visit on the web before select your iron to use there.

Columbia Falls, Montana is home of the Waterslide, park-like setting and adequate parking for an hour or a day. will entice you to spend some of your relaxing time there.

Hunting of elk, deer, scheduled Bison and other game require licenses sold by most sporting goods shops around the state. Search easily: for many cities in Montana. Sportsman and Ski Haus is a valuable resource for any sport tips and equipment if you are in Kalispell or Whitefish. Phone: 406- 755-6484 for free information from knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Don't forget to add bicycling, hiking and horseback riding to your list of sporting activities for the whole family. Most sports supply places will rent back packing equipment as well as winter gear needed for your day or week journey so there is no need to haul your supplies.

Many artists of varying skills live, paint,create, compose and share their talents in Montana made products and purchased items. Made in Montana catalog can be viewed: so you can order online sending gifts to many, while you are vacationing in the state.

Since this is only a small glimpse of what is waiting for you check out the official website so you gain an education about the other wonderful benefits of a Montana trip.

Please see an article "Cruise in Montana?" by goodselfme to have an ultimate view of Flathead Lake, the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi.

Memorable, relaxing and exciting, your destination; Montana, will be forever remembered until you return for another vacation stay.