Tower Defense for Windows Mobile


Great replay value
Amazing smooth graphics
Fun and addicting


No option for more then one save game
No clear explanation of the towers

Full Review

When you play the game, gradually enemies start walking from one side of the map to the other trying to reach your base. When you are unable to stop the enemies from entering your base and doing their damage you lose health. Obviously you have to prevent this otherwise your base gets destroyed. As said you have to place different types of towers in the playing field to make sure they don't reach your base. In this Windows Mobile WVGA game you have the option between 6 difference towers to place in your defense. The towers can do different damage to the incoming enemies and there for you need a proper mix. One of the down sides of the game is that it's not described anywhere what the towers actually do, So over time you learn what are the best combinations and you can act on that It's a bit of a shame because it can be quite tedious to find the right mix .

When you kill the incoming enemies you gain money, with this money you can either buy new towers or upgrade the towers you already have. Towers upgrade 2 times and they get better graphics and often increase in size, think of bigger guns, more guns, bigger flame thrower and such things.

There are 2 levels that you can play and they are quite different so it often calls for a different strategy. There are 3 difficult levels and I would suggest starting out with the easy one unless you are a true tower defense veteran. In the options menu you can select music/sound effects and there is a possibility to view your high score. Sadly there is no option to save your game to other slots, there is only one that the game uses when you wish to resume an earlier played game. So you are left with the option to either start a new game or resume the game you have been playing before.

This game is one of the best and most fun games featured on the newer WVGA/VGA Windows Mobile devices you can find. If you have enjoyed other tower defense titles in the past you should definitely consider getting this game, because it is one of the best games that has come out for Windows Mobile phones. There are little things that aren't perfect about this game, like the missing save option and the unclear tower functions. The WVGA game even with it's little drawbacks scores a good score and should definitely be considered amongst the best games for Windows Mobile.

In Closing