One area that often presents difficulty in keeping organized and tidy is kids' bedrooms. I have seen some very well organized, neat and tidy children's rooms though it seems the opposite is more the norm. Children not only need lots of clothes and schoolbooks, but they love to collect toys and all sorts of other odds and ends--including the occasional lizard or spider!

A great way to help keep a kid's room clean is by enlisting the help of some sturdy toy boxes. Toy boxes both double as a way to keep the clutter away and as a room decoration. There are a lot of different fun ideas when it comes to actually decorating with children's toy boxes. For example, if you have a little boy you could buy him a nice wooden toy box and have his name blazoned along the side of the box, and you could even paint little wheels on it so it resembles a little wagon. Or, you could decorate it with some stickers, or paint on a portrait picture of their favorite story book character, for example. Little girls often love pink, girly princess themes or fairies and elves. They also have their favorite television or cartoon characters too, and you can theme the toy box around that if you wanted to. If your son and daughter have to share their toy box you will have to keep to a more neutral, 'everyone is happy' theme. Some ideas may be to draw cartoon animals, or perhaps they share a favorite cartoon or television series.

There are really a lot of different ideas when it comes to toy boxes. The main thing is to make it really fun so that it will look great in their room, and they will have lots of fun putting their toys away. If wooden toy boxes are a little outside of your budget, you can always get some cheaper plastic toy boxes or if you are particularly handy when it comes to carpentry you might even be able to make a toy box for a fairly reasonable price and then have your little ones help you paint or decorate the box.

Before actually making the purchase of a toy box it is a good idea to decide in advance what it is needed for, and how big it will need to be. If your children have a lot of toys that they don't really play with all that much, you could maybe save on the amount of money spent on toy boxes by encouraging your children to donate some of their toys to needy families or charities. Many times, even though the children will not necessarily want to get rid of any of their toys, they still will not notice if it is missing. It really is hard for children to part with their toys sometimes, even if they have not played with them for months or years. If you know your children have toys like that and you are hoping to cut back on the amount of clutter in their room, you could simply go through their toys and get rid of what you know they do not play with. That will help you cut back on clutter in their rooms, and you will need less space to store all their toys.