A toy chainsaw is a great way to make your little lumberjack (or lumberjill!) feel just like daddy. Toy power tools of all shapes and sizes are fun for kids of every age. Advances in technology have kept up with the increasingly sophisticated demands of today's child. There are many great companies manufacturing some incredibly lifelike saws and any kid will love the chance to feel like a real logger. Not surprisingly some of the best toy saws available are fully licensed and even manufactured by the same companies that make toys for the big boys. The same care and action found in real chainsaws are thoughtfully and safely replicated in each toy chainsaw. Here are some of the best models and any of these will provide hours of amusement and role-playing for your little loggers.

Black & Decker Junior Toy Chainsaw with Realistic Action and Goggles

Black and Decker Toy ChainsawThis is a great looking toy from Black & Decker. This saw features real cutting action and the appropriate sounds to provide extra thrills. The styling is definitely "big boy" so it will add realism to playtime. Thoughtfully packed with goggles, this will allow your child to learn safety and more closely emulate dad or grandpa as they are pretend playing. The handle is easy to grip and it is recommended for kids 3 and up.

Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw

Husqvarna is known around the world for its dependable power tools and the same quality can be found in their kid's saws. Replacing horsepower with "horsin' around" power means fun for your child! A safe rotating plastic chains provides all the thrills of real sawing with realistic sounds adding to the excitement. For less than $30, this saw makes a great gift, but be prepared for endless shouts of "TIMBER!" as your child lets their imagination run wild.

Fisher-Price Handy Manny Ripp Chain Saw

Fisher Price Toy ChainsawThis may be the cutest toy saw on the market! Fisher-Price has done it again with this durable and fun toy. Recommended for 3 to 6 year olds, the cute Ripp has a rotating blade and fun sound effects. This is a great saw for the youngest lumberjacks. The cute face, bright colors and easy to hold handle means even the youngest kids can join in on the fun. Fisher-Price always produces quality toys and this will be something that can be handed down if it is outgrown.

Bosch Replica Chainsaw

For a stunning chainsaw replica this one takes the prize! This super detailed Bosch saw is based on a real model. It has real sawing action with a plastic chain that whizzes around the bar. Lights and realistic sounds add to the thrill or play-acting. This saw is recommended for kids 3 and older and runs off of AA batteries. If your child prefers more realism, this is a great choice. This saw and a little hard hat will have any youngster out "cutting" firewood or felling trees in the yard.

A toy chainsaw offers a real chance for a child's imagination to run wild, but they are fun for adults, too. Many toy saws double as costume props. There are even officially licensed Texas Chainsaw Massacre replicas as used by Leatherface in the horror movies! Kids love the chance to play with power tools and assembling there own kit is really fun. You can help by assigning them chores or helping them develop storylines about rescue or other adventures where a chainsaw might be used. You can make them some play chainsaw chaps for added realism and get them some small leather work boots and a plastic hardhat or chainsaw helmet. This can also double as a Halloween costume. A toy chainsaw is a great way to let your child's imagination run wild.