Toy Story 3 is one of the most anticipated movies of 2010, and for good reason. Toy Story was the first feature film of its kind, using computer animation to bring the story to life. Toy Story 2 was every bit as good as the first installment, and this new release will likely be a favorite of many movie-goers this year and beyond. The great thing about these movies is that you don't have to be a child in order to enjoy them. The Toy Story movies appeal to young and old alike, and the characters in the movies have become known universally and loved by people of all ages. With Halloween approaching, it is likely that you will see many children and adults dressed up as their favorite Toy Story character in 2010.

buzz lightyear toy story costumeHalloween is a time for fun. There is no other day that you can dress up as any character you choose and not have people look at you like you have bats in the belfry. Whether you are venturing out to a Halloween party solo or want to dress up with your friends as part of a group, the characters of Toy Story 3 present multiple options for children and adults alike. Whether you or your children prefer to dress up as one of the main characters or as one of the supporting cast of characters, a Toy Story 3 Halloween costume will invoke what the Halloween spirit is all about; having a good time.

Many of the Toy Story 3 Halloween costumes are available in sizes that fit both children and adults. This means you can take your kids trick or treating in their costume while also bringing a smile to their face and a memory they will never forget by dressing up as a Toy Story 3 character yourself. There are so many choices available that you will not have a problem finding a Toy Story 3 Halloween costume you will adore.

Toy Story 3 Halloween Costumes

The most popular Toy Story characters throughout the years have been Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The great thing about these costumes, as well as just about any Toy Story costume, is that people don't have to take a guess as to what your costume actually is. The vast majority of people are familiar with these characters, and while Buzz and Woody have been popular costumes in Halloweens gone by, their characters will likely be among the top Halloween costumes again in 2010.

Woody Halloween Costumes

Woody is the main character, and as such is one of the more popular Halloween costume choices. There are Woody costumes available for infants, older children, and grown men. You can find Woody costumes that offer the full Woody ensemble, or for those who prefer to make part of their costume themselves, there are Woody accessories that can complete the costume for your child. You can find an accessory pack that includes a badge, bandana, vest, and cowboy hat and have your little guy ready to collect some candy as his favorite Toy Story cowboy.

Buzz Lightyear

There are a number of different Buzz Lightyear Halloween costumes available for your choosing. Buzz costumes are available in toddler sizes and there are kids costumes as well as adult costumes. Buzz Lightyear costume accessories include the Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack and Buzz Lightyear gloves. While the jet pack is available only for children, the gloves can fit just about any child and even some adults. The Buzz Lightyear adult costume features a jumpsuit, hood, boot covers, and wings.


Woody's favorite cowgirl is also a costume choice available for both children and adults. The availability of adult costumes means Mom and Dad can dress up as Woody and Jessie, while the availability of kids costumes means your son and daughter may want to consider dressing up as the most lovable couple from Toy Story. This Toy Story 3 Halloween costume can be found complete with belt and cuffs, cowgirl hat, and matching hair bow. Just keep in mind you will likely have to supply your own boots.

Tommy and Tina Tater

woody kids toy story 3 costumeOne of the most popular toys of the baby boomer generation was Mr. Potatohead, and the makers of Toy Story did not forget that. The characters of Tommy and Tina Tater are two of the most amusing characters in the Toy Story series, and will likely bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees you in your Tommy or Tina Tater costume. This is a perfect choice for couples who want a theme costume. The Tater costumes appear to be available as adult costumes only and feature detachable eyes, nose, and mouth.

Other Toy Story 3 Halloween Costumes

There are several others choices in kids costumes and adult costumes when it comes to Toy Story 3 Halloween choices. The 60's Barbie doll costume presents a sexy choice for adult women. For the man in their life, there is also a 60's Ken doll costume available. For the little girls you can find a Bo Peep costume that comes complete with a staff. There are also a number of new Toy Story 3 Halloween choices available for 2010.

The Green Army Man Halloween costume is a new addition to the Toy Story Halloween collection and is available as a kids costume as well as for adult males. The cute little alien also has his own Halloween costume that is available for children and toddlers and can be found as a headpiece for adults. The lovable Rex is also now available as a head piece for adults and a full costume for children. Another new choice for kids is everyone's favorite piggy bank, Hamm, which can be worn comfortably with shoulder straps and includes a 3D snout. As you can see, there are many great Toy Story 3 options available for this coming Halloween and all of them present a fun choice for a day when being silly is not only accepted, but expected.