The Toy Story movies are popular this summer. No doubt your little one asked you for a Toy Story Birthday Themed Party. Well do not fret because the Toy Story theme is easy to get this year. If you like you can even concentrate on individual characters for your theme. Some children prefer Buzz Lightyear while others are more of a Sherriff Woody fan. Oh and lets not forget the loveable Jessie and her horse Bulleye.

When planning your Toy story party check with your local grocery department about making the cake. I am sure they will have a Toy Story cake design available. You might want to consider buying cake toppers seperately to do your own version. However I would not reccomend this unless you are a professional cake maker. It's too much stress to get everything else together. Cupcakes are another great birthday cake idea!

I would reccomend you buy your plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths together. You can usually get them online at a pretty cheap rate. You can also cut back on costs by getting matching colored plates instead of character plates ( such as sky blue or purple) that goes with the theme.

Balloons you can do pretty reasonably at a party store. You can buy the mylar ones on the internet but by the time you purchase the tank and the balloons it is the same price with less stress. Just send someone after the balloons rather than have them delivered. It cuts down on the cost.

Finally the activites. There are great looking treatbags you can get on line. You can fill them up relatively cheap with Toy Story Stickers and Tattoos. Some bits of candy also makes a great filler for the treat bag.

Pinata's are popular with birthdays especially in the summer. You can be very creative and have other Toy Story gmaes for the kids too. If you already have a Mr. Potato Head then make a game wher you blindfold the child and have them put Mr. Potato head's face on. Or if you have purchased one of the many Toy Story board games, the kids can play them.