Enjoy Toy Story games with your child using some of the best themed board games. Every movie comes with action figures and every kid seems to have a collection of movie themed action figures. Why not add some fun Toy Story themed games to their collection. Here are some fun board games they are sure to enjoy.

Buzz Lightyear Space Shooter Target Game

This board game comes with a Buzz Lightyear Shooter. The Shooter can also be purchased separately. Users claim that the game itself isn't that fun, but it does consist of shooting over little cardboard cutouts with the toy gun. Most parents find that the gun is really fun for their children to use, even with some of the game pieces but the game itself doesn't get played much. I can imagine that a game including a gun will result in the child simply focusing on shooting the gun. Most parents on multiple review sites gave this toy positive reviews and for around $10-$20 it seems worth it.

Toy Story Kerplunk

Kerplunk is a pretty great game for kids without the Toy Story theme: it's loud, has some tension, and the only rules to grasp are taking turns. Instead of just putting new stickers on the old Kerplunk game, Mattel actually made the marble holder into a spaceship. Visually, it is very appealing to children. Instead of marbles, there are small aliens (like from the movie) that fall through the plastic spaceship. The only complaint most parents have is that it takes a while to set up. It would be wise to set the game up during naptime or lunch and store it somewhere where you don't have to take it apart. That way you simply pull it down and play a quick round. This Toy Story game runs at about $20, sometimes a bit less. Given the cool design, I think this Toy Story game is worth it.

Toy Story 3 Operation

Remember the old Operation that featured the creepy old guy? This is an updated version that features Buzz Lightyear instead. Probably the best update to this version are the sounds. Instead of the nerve racking *BUZZ* that occurred with the previous model, there are cool beeping spaceship sounds. Everywhere I have looked has this game selling for under $20. The only complaint parents have expressed through reviews is that it is not too sturdy. So, while it isn't tough like the old wooden children's toys, it is certainly fun.

There is more to liscensed merchandise than action figures. Hopefully you and your children can play these Toy Story board games together.

Toy Story Games for Kids
Credit: kenleewrites