Toy Story Halloween costumes have become popular especially after the release of the highly successful third installment of the Toy Story series of movies. This franchise has grown so well and has gained fans all over the world and across many generations. It is only understandable then that so many people would love to dress up as any of the lovable characters from the movie franchise.

Toy Story has gone a long way from the first screening of the first movie in 1995. It broke records not just because of the astounding new use of technology in cinema that it has, but also because of its amazing story and stellar cast. It has generated a buzz, cash flow for the producers and lots of entertainment and laughter from movie-goers around the world.

The movie first introduced to us Woody, the cowboy sheriff, and Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger and a horde of friends that have their own sets of lovable quirks and personalities. They were all so much fun and they started out as Andy's toys who took care of them as the years went by.

After the success of the first movie, it was unexpected but still a very-much welcomed surprise that a second movie was released. There were a lot of qualms from fans of the first movie about how the second movie would go since there have been a rich history of good movies with bad sequels. However, Toy Story 2 did not disappoint.

The second movie was still as entertaining and lovable as its predecessor and it made us adore the characters even more. The third movie, released many years after the second movie, even made us long for the toys that we have grown up with. It was very effective in endearing old fans and attracting a new generation of Toy Story fans.

Because of the gap between the movies, it has effectively established a fan base of varying age groups. Today, on Halloween, you should expect to see not just little kids dressing up as Sheriff Woody or Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear but also grown-ups who have been the first fans of the series and have stuck with the franchise all these years.

There are many costumes that you can choose from and are available in costume shops near you. You can choose from a variety of sizes and characters that are not only exclusive to Woody and Buzz but may also include Slinky Dog, Rex, Hamm and many others.

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