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If you are interested in purchasing a Toyota Prius, then you are probably researching it thoroughly, including the Prius battery life. There are many things that must factor into a decision to buy a car. A car is an expensive acquisition which usually needs to last for years.


Types of Prius


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There are four types of Prius available on the market. Each of these types has various models. The Prius is a hybrid car that ranges from US$24,000 to US$32,000


  • 3rd Gen Prius: Prius Two, Prius Three, Prius Four and Prius Five. Starts at US$24,000.
  • Prius V: Prius v Two, Prius v Three, Prius v Five. Starts at US$26,550.
  • Prius C: Prius c One, Prius c Two, Prius c Three and Prius c Four. Starts at US$18,950.
  • Prius Plug-In Hybrid: the Prius Plug-on Hybrid and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid Advanced. Starts at US$32,000.


What is a Battery and What Does it Do?

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A battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Usually it provides the power to crank the engine and for the ignition system.


What Kind of Batteries are in the Toyota Prius?

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The battery in a Prius v is a sealed Nickel-Metal Hybride (Ni-MH) with a 35 horsepower or 27 kW power output and 201.6 voltage. The battery in a Prius c is the same as the Prius v but the power output is 25.9 horsepower or 19.3 kW and 144 volts.  The Prius has a sealed Nickel-Metal Hybride (Ni-MH) like the Prius c and Prius v. The power output differs, being 36 horsepower or 27 kW, as does the voltage, which is 201.6 volts. The Prius Plug-In Hybrid has a Lithium-ion battery with a power output of EV 51 horsepower or 38 kW or HV 36 horsepower or 27 kW. The battery has a 207.2 voltage and a capacity of 4.4 kWh. The battery weights 176 lbs.


What is the Toyota Prius’ Battery Life?

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According to the Toyota site, the sealed nickel-metal “Hybrid vehicle battery expected life is 150,000 miles based on laboratory bench testing.” When interviewed, John Hanson, Toyota’s National Manager, Environmental, Safety & Quality Communications stated that all of Toyota’s hybrid cars were warranted for 10 years or 150,000 miles in California or 8 years or 100,000 miles in other states.  The battery is said to last longer because it only gets 60% charged. There is no information out yet on the Lithium-ion battery.


How Much Does a Battery Cost?

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Batteries for a Toyota Prius can be between US$2,200 to US$2,600 at the dealership plus several hundred dollars labor costs depending on the car model and year. You can also find “used” units in salvage yards for cheaper. Another option is searching the internet for instructions on building a battery yourself.



So, there you have it. The Toyota Prius Battery life is considered to be pretty good compared to other cars.