The press has jumped on Toyota with both (all) feet. Would Toyota have a problem without the negative exposure? Absolutely! But most possible future Toyota purchasers who don't currently own Toyota vehicles wouldn't know as the recalls are normally done with mailings to the owners of the affected models. Are we, as consumers, lucky we have the press to expedite dangerous news? Of course!

A car manufacturer's mission is obvious and the reputation they strive for is achieved over an extended period of time. Defect based recalls, notably the dangerous ones, can be disastrous for vehicle manufacturers but usually blow over. Sometimes not! In 1989 a Yugo was blown off the Mackinac Bridge
that connects Michigan's upper peninsula from lower Michigan and some say it was the beginning of the end for Yugo. The now defunct company did disappear but there were other issues involved. The news at the time of the accident didn't help matters for the already struggling compact car maker.
Toyota is (was) the world's largest vehicle producing company and they're desperately trying to smooth things over by every means available. As they should.
Honda has had some recent problems with defective issues but are pretty much off the news map with Toyota's accelerator and brake problems dominating the spotlight.
A known fact in American football is the fact that once a ball carrier is saddled with the reputation of being a fumbler, everyone tries to knock the ball loose and the problem is made worse. No one's trying to knock the ball from Toyota's hands, so to speak, but any shortcoming any of their vehicles have is now being magnified. That's for sure.
Having worked in the automotive parts supply business, I've occasionally suspected that small ticket non-safety related recalls to the dealers were falsely instigated. If an automotive dealer can replace a $10.00 switch for free and possibly sell you a few hundred dollars worth of unrelated parts and service while you're there, well............................
That's most likely the conspiracy theorist in me rearing it's head and that's probably a suggestion without merit.

It may take Toyota a while to get back to where they were, but with all the tragedies, political economic battles, security matters, Middle Eastern military affairs, healthcare, and others news to share the evening news with, it's hard to imagine something like Toyota's misfortunes to can remain a top story for long.

This is probably a real good time to buy a new Toyota. I'll bet the deals bargans they're making at the dealerships are nothing less than stellar.