If you are looking for toys for 3 year old boys then you are looking for something that is going to provide hours and hours of fun and play. Before we get started lets begin by elimination. When searching for gift ideas for boys or toys for 3 year old boys you do not want anything that consists of small, breakable or small easily removed parts as these can be a choking hazard. So now that we've eliminated half of the toy section in most stores lets get on to what presents can make great gift ideas for boys.

Yellow Hummer gift ideas for boys

1) Battery Operated Ride on Toys. Kids ride on toys make for great gifts for boys and girls and remain one of the most popularly given and received gifts for younger children. They offer up a little bit of controlled freedom, that all kids enjoy, and provide hours of fun. These battery operated vehicles can be found in all sorts of colors, makes and models from Mini Coopers, ATV's on up to Hummers.

If you decide to purchase one of these toys for 3 year old boys here are a few things you need know. First these kids ride on toys often come in different battery sizes and for the age you are shopping for you will probably want to stick with no higher than the 6 Volt battery for maximum control and safety. Also pay special attention to the weight and age recommendations. These product specifications can often be found on the outside of the manufacturer's packaging.

Hot Rod Peddle Car

2) Kid Powered Bikes and Peddle Cars. These kid powered vehicles can consist of push along toys or actual peddle toys for 3 year old boys. The options between styles are numerous and can consist of radio flyer tricycles, peddle tractors (John Deere and more), police cars, firetrucks, hot rods and more.

Kids construction kits

3) Tool Kits and Belts. These working man sets are especially great ideas for boys whose dad works in construction. These make for great imaginary play and allow your child to imagine he is working right alongside dad building whatever his little mind can imagine.These toys can keep your child occupied and entertained for hours.

4) Work Benches and Shelves for Tools. Work benches and shelving make perfect gift ideas for boys - especially if they already have their own construction tools or kits. This can make construction play and organization so much more fun for your young toddler and make the experience so much more real.

5) Baseball, T-ball and Other Sports Sets. What little boy doesn't love a good game of baseball, soccer or football? And if they don't then what better age to get them interested in sports? Most toy stores or even regular retail stores will offer a great selection of sports related toys for 3 year old boys.

One of the best methods of picking out the right toys for 3 year old boys is to pay attention to the age recommendations on most products. When a product is designated for a younger age group it typically will not contain small removable parts and will often be created around the safety of those age groups. Also pay attention to the warning labels. This is a great way to understand if there are concerns that are not obvious to you that you need to be aware of.

The gift ideas for boys that are listed above are based on popular choices made by others as well as my own son. If you do opt to go with one of the above present choices for your little man I would love to hear about it.