Having toys is a natural part of everyone’s childhood. Many adults can still remember what their favorite toys were when they were growing up. In fact, some adults still hold on to their childhood toys for different reasons. Children today are no different when it comes to picking out their toys and forming those memorable ties to their favorites. Thomas the Tank Engine is by far one of those toys that children naturally gravitate to and form those wonderful memories.  Thomas the Tank Engine comes in an assorted array of choices and prices, so your child will surely be able to enjoy this loveable tank engine no matter what your budget.


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Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Annie And Clarabel

Kids will surely love this toy. It is suitable fro kids with ages 2 – 5. Even if this is thrown or fallen down, it will not easily break since it is made of durable wood. It is hand painted, so its color will not easily break off. It has magnets so it can attach to other trains of its like. This can be a great addition to the collection of Thomas and Friends toys of your kids.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – FerdinAnd

This toy is made from real wood so one can be sure that it is durable and can last long. It is hand painted with real features. It has magnets so that it can be attached with other trains of its like. It helps in developing kid’s motor and counting skills and color identification.

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Arthur at the Copper Mine

This toy, by Fisher Price, is a complete set that consists of a train, tracks and decorations. This will help a kid find his way in assembling the tracks so that the train can freely run and go. It features track switches to include variations. It has complete layouts, engines and environmental pieces to make it more realistic.

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Dash the Logging Loco

This is another toy by Fisher Price. This toy features the train named Dash and will be pulling logs as he goes on running. This can be played with other Thomas toys that have tracks or rails.

Thomas the Train: Deluxe Expansion Track Pack

If your child already has the starter pack, then you can expand the railways with this expansion track pack. This pack can expand the usual tracks with 32 pieces. With this toy, the trains can go up and down and go on different variations. This is compatible with other trackmaster engines. A child will have continuous railway fun with this toy.

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Straight & Curved Track Pack

If your boy or girl already has the different characters of Thomas and Friends, it is about time to purchase the tracks or rails where they can go and run along. This can also extend or expand you existing tracks to make the railway longer and bigger. This can give different paths, straight and curves, to add twists and turns to the trains when they go and run. This includes 22 pieces of tracks that can give a big expansion on the tracks.


Thomas The Train Items


Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Thomas' Busy Day Starter Set

This starter set is perfect for little kids. It is complete with tracks, train, environmental effects and decorations. Thomas can just go around the tracks, stop at stations for deliveries. The tracks feature curves and straits for added twists. This starter set can be expanded by having the additional tracks.

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Colin in "The Party Surprise"

This toy makes the story of Thomas making the deliveries for a surprise party. This toy can help the imagination and creativity of the kids work. The trains can lift up and load cargo. It has complete tracks, trains, motorized engines and other features to make them look realistic.

Thomas the Train: Zip, Zoom, and Logging Adventure

This toy features a logging adventure for the trucks. The kids will surely enjoy seeing those trains carry and load up logs into their trunks and go along the trails. This toy is inspired from the DVD story version of Thomas and Friends Adventure. With this toy, Thomas will go zooming, climbing and riding along the railway and through all the tracks.


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Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Boulder Mountain Set

This is an enjoyable large style of railway with trains and environment effects for a realistic look. It is complete with all the movements that a kid would want to see in Thomas and other trains. This pack includes 35 pieces.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Collapsing Sodor Suspension Bridge

This bridge can add more fun and enjoyment to an existing rail track. The bridge is using a push button to collapse and get back to its original position. This is recommended for kids at ages 3 – 5. This can add tricks to the movements of the trains.

Learning Curve Brands Take Along Thomas and Friends – Jeremy

Your Thomas and Friends toy set can never be complete without Jeremy the plane. It features magnets so that it can easily connect with other toys of its like. It is made of durable die cast material and can ensure long life. It features realistic look and appearance.

Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Railway System: Diesel 10 & 2 Cars

This can be played with other Trackmaster toys. It is battery operated and can run on tracks or even on flat surface. It shows realistic features to enhance the imagination and creativity of your kids.


Thomas The Train Items