For this Christmas article, I shall take a few steps back first. Then in a matter of seconds, I will run towards the end of the diving board, and quickly dive into the swimming to pool to discuss two gifts to purchase for kids to enjoy. So, what's your score on my exuberant dive? I except to get at least a seven.

Shrek Forever After: Shrek and Family Swamp Mini Figures

A film released by Dreamworks called Shrek Forever After was released in the theatres in May 2010. Did you see the movie? Anyways, it's obviously there would be toys related to that Shrek sequel that children would dearly want. I didn't see that movie, but I've seen the previous three ones. I love the characters of the movies. I am fond of them so much that I played Shrek Smash 'N Crash on my PSP, which I ended up really love playing. Thus,I will be bias and promote some Shrek toys for people to buy during Christmas for anyone who is at least three-years-old. I am an adult, and I wouldn't mind having and playing the toys. I'm sure I'm not the only "grown-up" person feels that way. The web page for the product states that 36 months to 12 years is the manufacturer's recommended age group. Playmates has created Shrek Forever After: Shrek and Family Swamp Mini Figures, and it being sold for under $14.00. The shipping weight is only a measly 2.4 ounces and the items currently can only be shipped within the United States and to APO/FPO addresses.

The group of five figurines - Shrek, Fiona, and three of their kids - are placed in a packet that also contains a launcher. That item is meant to send your characters on all new adventures in their magical world of fairy tales coming alive. The mini-figures stand only 1" tall; the dimensions are 1 x 2 x 2 inches. Thus, I shall include a statement about these rubberized mini-figures. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3-years-old. Let's segue to the only review of the product. A person gave a rating of 2 stars out of 5. The most imperative thing that was said that the mini figurines will be very hard to play with. The person, who thought they would be 2 to 3 " inches tall, bought the toys for his/her grandson. The individual unfortunately didn't read that they were only 1" tall, and presumed they would be the same size of other "mini"s that he/ she has purchased. The same person also said the toys are really cute.

If you buy the Shrek and Family Swamp Mini Figures along with two other sets, the price for all three together would be under $60.00. One of the set is Shrek and Friends Swamp Mini Figures. Not only you get Shrek, you also Donkey, Puss 'N Boots, Dragon, and four kids of Donkey and Dragon glued together. They are all the same size as the first set I mentioned. At the time of writing, there wasn't any customer reviews. The last set to mention is Shrek and Storybook Characters Swamp Mini Figures. It looks like four of the figures are moving in a rhythm to a music tune. They are Shrek, Pinocchio (I'm sure his nose is small), the Big Bad Wolf from The Little Red Riding Hood story, and the Three Little Pigs. The fifth one seems to be a repairman holding a lollipop that is a shape of a wrench. It is . . . the Gingerbread Man that seems to be wearing a tool belt with a couple of tools tucked into it. This set have a very negative review of it. The person said the figures are minute, not mini. They are hard to see and hold and play with them. The person feels toys from McDonald's Happy Meals are much bigger. The word "much" was emphasized by it being capitalized.

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Deluxe Accessories: Baby Hamster Stroller

For the second product, I wanted to pick something that very much seems to be more appropriate for girls, not boys, to receive as Christmas presents. To me, based on what I saw on the first three Shrek movies, the Shrek mini figures would be more popular among boys. Please don't ask me to explain my thoughts. I really don't know how to say it. Now it's time to dive into the infamous Zhu Zhu Pets. That company has a very adorable product, based on a small image I saw, called Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Deluxe Accessories: Baby Hamster Stroller. The selling price for this is less than $20.00.

Please be aware that the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Deluxe Accessories does not include neither the mommy hamster nor the baby hamsters. Thus, you are only purchasing the Hamster Stroller that has two seats. All you need to push the stroller, which connects to all Zhu Zhu Hamster Track Systems, is hamster power. You can actually form a humongous hamster city after collecting all of the Zhu Zhu Pet accessories. The 1.5 lb. stroller is recommended for only 4 to 12-years-olds to play with, and the dimensions for it is 9 x 4 x 8 inches. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3-years-old.

Reviews for the Hamster Sroller

For the Hamster Stroller, it only receives two and a half stars out of five from the average customer review category. I will only explain the positive reviews for the toy. A person that gave the product five stars that the stroller is a bit flimsy, and pushed on it quite a bit to test the durability. The kid of the buyer has been playing with it a lot by pushing/carrying it around herself with the baby hamsters in it or having the adult hamster push it around. There are no problems with it popping apart or breaking. Nine out of 9 people found that review helpful.

There is a short five-star review stating that her daughter, age unknown, is having fun watching the mommy Zhu Zhu Pets push around their babies. They find it so adorable to watch.

A long-winded review will be shortened by me. Two out of 2 people found this four-star review helpful. An eight-year-old is happy with the product. The parent wrote that once a hamster engages the stroller, it doesn't let go of it when it backs up. However, the stroller is too heavy for any side-to-side, spinning, or any turning movements. The review also explains the stroller comes in three pieces. The two canopy pieces needs to be snapped in place. Keep in mind they need to be tilted before snapping them properly. Everything was fine, and the canopies flip from front to back with perfect alignment. The person did it even without any instructions to assemble the toy. The person suspects others who may say it is flimsy are not installing the canopies correctly. Of course, those people have good reasons to do so.

Will You Buy from My Amazon Links?

To be honest with the readers of this article, I certainly hope you will buy any of the two toys to buy for youngsters. I found out about Shrek and Family Swamp Mini Figures and Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Deluxe Accessories from this website: If you definitely going to buy another toy besides the ones I mentioned and/or don't want to shop at, then I recommend to go to, a tracker website, to find the most popular toys while Christmas shopping. It is always updating so consumers could find items they want at a great deal.

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