A Pair Of Track Control Arms

An Overview Of Track Control Arms

Track control arms redefine speed and power of racing cars by providing them additional control and stability. Sometimes referred to as track bars or also pan hard bars, they are built specifically for rallying and racing vehicles. Track control arms are located at the rear suspension terminal of the car and their sole purpose is to enable tracking of the front wheels to the rear wheels.

They provide stability and alignment to the vehicle and guarantee a feeling of safety and comfort.. Although they are specifically designed for the racecourse, they can be employed into a vast variety of other vehicles as well to give unmatched quality and control.

There are two types of track control arms that can be installed in a vehicle. The upper control arm is on the front of the vehicle and is used to provide suspension and synchronization. The lower control arm manages the position of the wheels, reduces frictional forces, and enhances grip. Many leading automobile brands manufacture different types and models of track control arms, suiting to the different needs of different vehicles.

There are many benefits of track control arms, the first and foremost of which is providing additional control to the driver. They adjust the position of the wheels at the front and the back, and keep the axle in the centre of the vehicle. They ensure that the vehicle maintains a straight and perpendicular track and does not leave its course while crossing bumps and obstacles. This is of prime importance in the field of rallying because of the high performance speeding and extreme environment.

Track control arms can also absorb shocks and reduce the amount of uncontrollable vibrations and movements in the vehicle, giving you a chance to drive smoothly. They maintain the camber angle of the wheels of the car and improve grip when taking sharp turns. Another major benefit of the track arm is that they help the driver in steering the car and prevent both over steering and under steering. Hence, they are a vital component to judge and enhance the performance capabilities of an automobile.

However, it is an important factor to keep in mind that track control arms are used in vehicles that are used at extreme conditions – in racing and rallying. Here, the vehicles have to sustain heavy shocks and harsh impacts of the tracks. Therefore, they should only be purchased from reliable and trusted sources to maintain safety at all times. Harsh terrains may cause deterioration and wear and tear over time therefore they should be regularly monitored and maintained.  Proper lubrication and greasing is necessary to keep the arms running for a long time. Track control arms provide safety from accidents while driving at high speed hence they are the number one choice of racecar drivers around the globe.

Track control arms are the key factor in enhancing the handling and functioning of your high-speed vehicle, so special care and consideration should be given in selecting the right kind for your car.