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Today, there seems to be a social media outlet for every hobby, event, or organization. Fortunately, social media is a new, great tool to connect with others and easily share experiences. Most attention to social media is directed at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Myspace; all of which connect friends and families to each other. A fresh social outlet that connects individuals who enjoy exercise and fitness is called Dailymile. This online tool allows individuals to record and track their fitness routines, no matter what is involved. Walk, run, ski - it doesn't matter! Record everything and watch your potential calorie burn grow. Also, Dailymile allows users to connect with each other and create fitness events that can be attended and tracked. 

Fitness Social Media

Dailymile's website is set up similar to the famous Facebook that everyone is on. Best of all, many of the features of DailyMile can be used with Facebook. You can easily allow your friends and family to comment on and track your fitness progress. Setup fitness events with your Facebook friends and connect with other groups to further your phyical accolades! Workout results can also be tweeted, so don't forget to broadcast your progress to your twit-followers.

For Everyone

Unlike some fitness websites, Dailymile has something for everyone. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced runner, you will benefit from Dailymile! Whether you connected with a new swimming pal, or gained perspective on how much you really workout each week, Dailymile is an awesome unprecedented tool geared for anyone to set fitness goals and accomplish them. Let's be honest - it's more fun to workout with others and have others acknowledge your hard work. Dailymile will provide you with just that - a great place to broadcast your accomplishments, weakenesses, and savy fitness tips. 


Dailymile is a great way to record your time and distance and to track progress. Using the website or the mobile app will keep you constantly aware of how much you've done each week. With a simple user-interface, you will be aware of how much you've logged irregardless of whether you walk, run, swim, go-cart, etc. Additionally, Dailymile will send you an email of your workout summary every week.