If you find yourself worried about your teenager, then you should use a dose of technology to track your teenager. These wonder machines we call cell phones provide a great resource for contacting people. And when they don't want to answer then you can use more technology to find out exactly where they are.
If you are concerned about your teenagers and pay for the phone bill, use these steps to track your teenager using their cell phone.

Things You Will Need

* Cell Phone
* Teenager
* Web access

Step 1

The first step it to make sure your teen knows how important it is when you call that they answer. As you well may know hanging with friends and answering mom's call isn't all the rage. However, you don't always need to call to find a location. That's why you need to boot up your computer and get on the Internet.

Step 2

Once on the internet, surf over to Loopt.com. This is a website that tracks people (in a very positive - knowing way) online.

Step 3

Type in all the necessary information to create an account for Loopt. You will notice here the pricing for this service. It is FREE to iPhone users and many others!

Step 4

Once you have verified your phone, the next step is to download the actual Loopt application to your phone. This is done following the step by step instructions. After the application is downloaded to the phone, head back to the website to review the current location on your phone. Coming up as an icon, this moves as the phone moves so all you need to do is watch and see where your teenagers goes from time to time. Saving so much worry!

Tips & Warnings