The Tracker Fleece Jacket is an inexpensive jacket designed for hunting purposes and is available through Bass pro Shops. The Tracker Fleece Jacket is great as a lightweight jacket for early fall hunts before the temperature dips cooler. Deep into the fall and winter when the temperature is cold you can use the Tracker Fleece Jacket as a base layer and bundle a larger coat over the top of it.

The Tracker Fleece Jacket comes in two camouflage color options. You can buy the Tracker Fleece Jacket from Bass Pro Shops with the Real Tree AP camouflage or you can choose the Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity camouflage.

As with many of the products for hunters the Tracker Fleece Jacket is only available in limited sizes. The Tracker Fleece Jacket can be purchased in sizes ranging from Large to 3XL. If you are a big guy then this Tracker Fleece Jacket from Bass Pro Shops will not work for you. This is unfortunate as this jacket is really a great jacket for a wide range of uses. It is designed for hunters but can be used for a multitude of activities including simply using it as an everyday jacket.

There is even an internal media pocket that can be used for your IPOD or other device. The Tracker Fleece Jacket also has a matching pair of pants that can be purchased for $49.99 or $54.99 depending on the size you select. The matching pants also come with the same two camouflage color options as does the Tracker Fleece Jacket.

The Tracker Fleece Jacket is $49.99 in smaller sizes and the larger sizes will cost you $54.99. The Tracker Fleece Jacket is not as advanced as some other hunting jackets but the simplicity of this design shows n the low cost of the jacket. Even though this jacket is inexpensive it is still chocked full of useful features without going overboard with gimmicks.

The waist is designed with a draw string so you can easily snug it up to keep cool air out or loosen it to allow cool air in when you begin to heat up.

The Tracker Fleece Jacket also comes with two handy pockets that are zippered. You can stash important items in the two pockets and secure them with the zipper and then feel safe that you valuables will not fall out as you are hiking through the woods looking for the deer to fill your tag.