Being a teenager today is incredibly different than it was just 10 years ago. Sure, most teens still experience many of the same physiological, psychological, and social changes that teenagers have been going through for thousands of years, but today teens are experiencing these changes alongside one of the greatest population and technological booms in the history of humanity. Things like GPS, cell phones, the Internet, and the abundance of the automobile is changing the way teens grow up.

One thing that this technology boom is doing to teenagers is creating a world of constant and instant interaction where almost nothing about their life has to be private. Their ability to coordinate massive undertakings in a relatively short period of time, with tools such as Facebook and cell phone text messaging, enable teens to do a lot of good an get in a little too much trouble. In fact, teens are spending more time with their peers (either in person or on the Internet) than during any other period of history.

How are parents to get a handle on a teen's life that is spending countless hours outside the home, driving their parents car? How can a parent know for certain that their teenager is where they say they are at any given point in time? These questions are important, especially if your teen has a history of breaking your trust.

When it comes down to it, using a cell phone to both GPS track your teen and to help you reach out and touch them is one of the most effective and useful parenting tools that one can use. Current regulations require that cell phone providers be able to provide a location on a cell phone that dials 9-1-1 so that first responders can get on the scene in an efficient manner. This regulation has been used by cell phone companies to implant GPS receivers into their phones or give them GPS-like ability through cell tower trilateration, setting the stage for personal, real-time GPS tracking through a cell phone.

The reason that cell phones are such a powerful way to track a teen is that your teenager is probably always going to have it with them and it is always going to be on. That means that you can find out their real-time location at almost any time of the day, making it great for verifying your teen is at soccer practice when they say they are going to be (like the Zoombak, a personal GPS tracker, commercial advertises).

Most tracking plans are only going to add a few extra dollars to your regular cell phone bill, making this a simple and easy way to use GPS tracking with your teen.