Are you a person that owns a tractor trailer or are involved heavily in trucking? Any time you are going to be trucking on a consistent basis, you are going to need to have tractor trailer insurance to keep you safe out on the road. There are a ton of different reasons to get your semi truck insured including: accident damages, liability costs, and the potential risk of stolen goods from out of your truck. It is mandatory that you have insurance coverage for any type of business-related vehicle if you are a trucker. Do not make the mistake of avoiding coverage and paying for the consequences. Do most people have coverage for their semi tractor trailers? Yes, most companies make sure that they have a commercial vehicle insurance policy.

If you are working for a company that has not suggested you need insurance for your tractor trailer, then you are going to want to work for a different company. All solid trucking agencies are going to make sure that their drivers, as well as their goods are insured before they are issued for delivery. Life as a trucker has its ups and downs, and many people do not realize that the downs (i.e. stolen property) are very tough to deal with. Anytime a trucker goes to a large city to make a delivery, there is potential that his shipment may get stolen. If the trucker has insured his cargo, getting the items stolen will only be a minor loss because the company will be reimbursed by their insurer.

With that said, if you did not have tractor trailer insurance and you got all of your products stolen, all of their replacement costs will come out of either the pocket of the trucker or the company. In most cases the company will pay for lost goods, but sometimes the trucker will be required to pick up the tab if it is stated in the contract. Make sure that you always read over your contract as a trucker and know your rights. There are a lot of truckers that are unaware of their insurance options and what type of policy they should get.

The type of tractor trailer insurance that you should get should be dependent on the size of your company. If you own a trucking company, you will probably want to get fleet insurance (i.e. coverage for all of your drivers as well as the cargo that they are transporting). If you are a solo trucker, you are going to want to make sure that no coverage is offered through your company before you purchase your own plan. It is rare to have to buy your own coverage if you are working for a large delivery/distribution business. Buying insurance for your tractor trailer can be somewhat complicated when trying to get the perfect policy, but if you shop around with various commercial auto insurers, you should not have much trouble finding a good plan.

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