Trade was very important in ancient Rome. Rome prospered economically because of trade. The Romans traded many things including wine,olives,pottery,metals,ideas and slaves.  There were hundreds if not thousands of trading posts in ancient Rome. The Romans traveled as far as China and England. The Roman empire stretched over thousands of miles and thousands of goods and services where traded all across this land.
Trade was big business in ancient Rome.
The Romans were very successful traders. The trade almost anything from grains to slaves. Below is a list of common things that the Romans traded.

  1. Slaves:The slave trade was a very big business in ancient Rome, without slaves the Roman empire would have looked a lot different.
  2. Grains:Like in Greece, grain was a very important commodity in the ancient world
  3. Wine
  4. Pottery
  5. wool
  6. tin
  7. Metal:metals included bronze,copper,gold,silver,tin and iron.
  8. olives:olives and olive oil was a staple in the ancient world. Olives were put in almost all the dishes.
  9. Dates
  10. fish
  11. livestock
  12. spices: Spices in Rome came from India and other parts of Asia.
  13. silk: Silk came across the famous silk road.
  14. wood
  15. ivory
  16. glass
  17. meat

Romans had acess to all sorts of exotic goods,unlike other ancient societys at the time. Due to advancements in transportation, the Romans were able to bring goods back from far away places. The Rome is situation in the in present day Italy, and  the Medditerainian sea surrounds the region. This geographicaly feature, allowed trading within the region to flow freely. Grain was brought from the Black Sea, to Rome,Carthage and even Egypt. Cotton was shiped from Egypt to Rome, and other areas. Goods and ideas flowed freely throughout the region which helped imporve the quality of life for many people. 

The Roman empire was able to produce most of its food at home, but did rely heavily on foreign imports of grain. This proved to be a problem in some years when the flow of grain was altered.

Grain Trade

One of the most important commodity's in the Roman empire was grain. If the supply of grain suffered in any way, there would be serious repressions. The Romans protected grain like it was gold. A steady supply of grain meant that people would not be hungry. Here is an example of how the Romans protected their grain. Anyone who stopped a cargo ship carrying grain in anyway, would be subject to heavy fines.
Grain came to the Roman empire from multiple sources. Some grain came from Egypt and some grain came from the Black Sea region. Then there was a small supply of grain that came from Gaul. These three places provided grains for the whole empire. The flow of grains was never ending. During times of drought or famine, people hoarded grains, and the prices shoot up. If prices went up, then many people went hungry. Due to the chance that this could happen, the Roman government gave incentives to people for buying grains and bringing it into the city. This is how important grain was. Without grain people would starve. During times of war, the Romans tried to make sure the supply of grain stayed open. Invading empires saw that Rome was vulnerable since they relied so heavily on grain, and some empires were able to use that to their advatage when fighting Rome.