For baseball lovers, there can never be enough memorabilia. One great way to remember your child’s Little League days or to commemorate church or recreation league ball is by trading baseball pins.

Trading baseball pins gives players the opportunity to show pride in their team, while also encouraging camaraderie and sportsmanship among their rivals. By trading at the end of a game, rival teams can acknowledge and show respect for one another.

If you’re printing up pins for the first time, it’s important to select an attractive design that your team will like and that other pin collectors will want to have in their collection. Brainstorm with your players to come up with the best design possible. Many baseball pins incorporate the year, the team name and mascot and a slogan. Working with a professional company that specializes in trading pins can help you get the best design and deal possible.

Printing enough pins is also important. Typically, you’ll want to make between 75 and 85 pins for each player on your team.  While this may seem like many pins, in actuality these pins will go fast, as the players trade them and give them to friends and family.

Be sure to save the design somewhere, or make sure that your pin printer is able to reproduce your pins when necessary. If your team has a particularly good year, its pins can become very much in demand. In fact, some teams even sell pins as a fundraising tool.

If you’re going to a big game or event and need more baseball pins, be sure to let your pin manufacturer know, as soon as possible. Typical orders take one to three weeks to process, so ordering more baseball pins as soon as you are able will ensure that you are able to get the pins you need when you need them.

Protecting your pins is important. You never know what baseball pins may become collector’s items, one day. Many baseball pin collectors keep their trading pins in special binders that protect their trading pins from the elements. You want to keep your pins safe from water, scratching, chipping and other damage that can fade the artwork or otherwise impair the appeal of your pins.

Attending pin trading events is an excellent way to meet people and get great new pins. Baseball pin trading has become so popular, that there are now events held all over the country for traders to get together and socialize. If you’re interested in getting rare or sought-after pins, visiting events helps by giving you connections among other traders, that you can later use to find the pins you want.

Baseball pin trading is a fun pastime that can help you and your family commemorate your child’s Little League glory days or celebrate the achievements of professional or recreational teams. It’s also a great way to meet fellow lovers of baseball.