There is a TON of money to be made in the world of Biopharmeceuticals and Bio tech industries...

Even if you don't work in the industry, you can still profit from it. Take a look at the chart history of these biopharm stocks HGSI, DNDN, VNDA, AMAG, MAPP, OGXI and CTIC. All have spiked over 1000% or higher. I purchased HGSI at $3 a share before climbing to over $30 a share when I sold them all. CTIC was trading under a penny before going as high as $5 a share (I sold around $2 a share that time). These penny stocks and sub-penny stocks are life changing stocks that can make you a fortune with little investment.

The trick is, where do you find these stocks and how do you know which ones will pop next? You need to first learn how to trade penny stocks and do your proper research. Going to forums such as Investorshub and Yahoo finance is a good start, but you will need to know which biopharm to play and which ones to stay away from. You want to check out web-sites that give you acess to an FDA Calendar of events. This calendar will show you which bio stock has upcoming NDA's (New Drug Applications) or approvals. I will give you guys your first tip and provide you a link to a very nice free FDA Calendar with a ton of useful information

Now of course the lower the price stock the higher risk you take but also the higher reward if the drug is a success. These are my favorite types of biopharm/tech stocks to play because they have the highest potential for jackpot paydays. The secret to making easy money trading these stocks is to buy the stock a month before the FDA date and sell a portion of your shares on the run-up hype before the actual decision (or buy and sell options). All of these stocks will go up in anticipation for upcoming news (buy the rumor sell the news). If the drug has a bad review the stock will tank (also an opportunity to buy when it is oversold, it will always bounce if you can predict the bottom because investors will panic and sell off fear). If the drug has a positive review it will sky rocket over night (This depends on the drug and the hypothetical sale figures if the drug is approved, good due dilligence will help you figure these numbers out).

I hope you have learned a little bit about buying and selling biopharmeceutical stocks and how you can make yourself a very nice bank account if you know how to trade these correctly. Please read this article ( ) for some quick tips on making easy money trading stocks.