Trading In The Buff Review


- Unique trading strategy that I haven't seen elsewhere.

- Great Customer Service

- Makes price action seem simple

- No fluff. He gets to the point.

- My first month trading on a demo I showed a solid profit


- Little bit short. Not a massive amount of content.

- Doesn't go over the basics of trading.

Full Review

Trading In The Buff is a course created by John Templeton. The course focuses on how to trade the forex market without using any indicators. It relies solely on using price action.

Its main purpose is to show the trader how they can trade the market by just looking a simple bar or candlestick chart.

One of the ways it does this is by spotting price action patterns which can be used to predict strong support and resistance areas. It also focuses on spotting the real trend of the respective currency pair, being able to know when a counter-trend is happening, and how you can predict the future price of the currency pair.

The contents of the course is an e-book as well as videos which cover the course material.

The course is not particularly long. There aren't 300 pages worth of theory or 20+ hours of videos. It's fairly cut and dry.

But what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for it in quality. Templeton does a very good job at making his points without putting a lot of needless filler on the material. He just covers the meat and potatoes without much hoopla. You can tell he really makes a conscious effort to use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method.

What makes Trading In The Buff, the most impressive is the fact that the material is all original, at least to me, anyways. I haven't seen any other course that covers this kind of material.

He also does a solid job of making price action seem very accessible. In my case, I was really intimidated with the idea of price action. Like most traders, I felt that I needed the guidance that indicators provide. But he really makes sure that anybody could follow along real easily.

I did have one question on the course that was a little ambiguous, when I emailed him, he answered me within 2 hours with a very clean explanation. I was really surprised how quickly he answered.

If you are completely brand new to forex trading, then maybe the course is not for you. He doesn't really go over the basics of trading. He assumes you already know the basics of trading. He doesn't talk about "what is a pip" or any of that. So, if you are total newbie, you might want to learn some of the basics beforehand.

In Closing