Searching for an anniversary gift can become stressful when you have no clue what to get your spouse and money is tight. Take some of the stress out of shopping and inject some fun into your anniversary by following the traditional anniversary gift schedule. You can be creative with the gifts and create memorable anniversaries every year! The search is what makes this activity so much fun. Here are a few ideas for him or her that are also easy on the wallet.

1st - Paper
Write a letter or poem that expresses your love and happiness during your first year of marriage. Cost - $0 If you don't feel comfortable writing, check out the amazing cards available from Blue Mountain. The Blue Mountain authors have ways of expressing exactly what you feel.

5th - Wood
The fifth anniversary is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated in a special way. Buy a traditional wooden picnic basket and go on a romantic picnic together.

10th - Tin
After ten years together, your lives together will have evolved in ways you probably never imagined. Finding a tin gift may seem daunting, but if you have purchased a home or have an apartment with a balcony, check out yourlocal home and garden store for tin signs for the garden or flowerbed. Have it personalized with your names and anniversary date for an extra special touch.

15th - Crystal
Crystal wine glasses are a perfect traditional option for the fifteenth anniversary. Make sure you choose a great bottle of wine to go with the new glasses.

20th - China
There are many different kinds of china that you can purchase for your twentieth anniversary. Celebrate your anniversary in a special way with a new china picture frame filled with one of your wedding pictures.

25th - Silver
A simple gift for your twenty fifth anniversary is a piece of silver jewelry. Go to your local jewelry store to find hundreds of options. Also, think about silver serving sets

30th - Pearl
Thirty years is an amazing achievement. Think outside the box for your thirtieth anniversary by purchasing something made of mother of pearl. There are many beautiful jewelry boxes, belt buckles, and morethat include mother of pearl accents.

40th - Ruby
For your fortieth anniversary, don't think you must automatically purchase a piece of jewelry with a ruby in it. (Not that that is a bad thing!) You can also find a gift that is ruby in color. What about a ruby red bathrobe for a special night? Also, ruby red flowers and wine will help complete the anniversary celebration.

50th - Gold
If your marriage has lasted to your fiftieth anniversary, you and your spouse have earned the gold suggested for this gift. Why not update yourgold wedding bands and renew your vows? Your family will cherish the opportunity to share in your special day.

Hopefully this list will have you thinking and planning ahead for your next anniversary. Whether you follow the traditional anniversary gift schedule or not, make each and every anniversary a special day for you and your spouse.