Having travelled extensively through southeast Asia I've amassed a lot of photos and videos from the region. Reaching from South Korea to Indonesia, below you'll find some videos of the traditional music and dance I've seen during my travels.

Religious Celebration in Vientiane, Laos

Captured during a stop in Vientiane, Laos, this celebration went on for a lot longer than the video you see below. While walking around we overheard some music being played. We followed the sound and came across this celebration. There are two different styles of music in the video. The first I I couldn't find but the second is called a Lum Salavan, which is a traditional Laotian folk song.

Traditional Malay Dance

Recorded live at the Kuala Lumpur Cultural Center, this performance was part of the daily showcase of Malay music and dance. There are several different dances featured throughout the video but it's the one at the end that I love the most.

Chinese Dragon Dance in Penang, Malaysia

As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, shop and home owners may invite a dragon dance troupe into their home to perform a good luck dance. The dance is meant to bring good luck to the house hold and business. This one was recorded in George Town, Malaysia. I found it neat that they had to "feed" the dragon twice, the last time included a small, red envelope called "ang pow", basically a gift to the troupe.

Cremation Ceremony on Nusa Lembongan, Bali

During an afternoon on Nusa Lembongan, Bali, this ceremony took place to honour the life of a recently-deceased monk. Lasting over two hours in length, the first part consisted of a tower being hoisted upon the shoulders of a groupd of men who then performed a ceremonial dance. The dance lasted for about half an hour and moved throughout the streets of the village to the cemetery where the cremation finally took place.

Hindu Wedding Procession in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Recorded from street side in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, this procession looks as if it belonged to a wedding about to take place. The mostly percussion music caught my ear.

Longneck Tribe in Northern Thailand

The Akha people of northern Thailand perform a traditional song for our tour group. They said the song was a traditional piece but never explained about what.

Parade of Young Burmese Monks

We witnessed several of these sorts of parades when we visited Bagan, Burma in February/March. The parade acts as an introduction of these young kids into the monastary. The kids may not start their ministry right away but some do. These kids will be taken to the local monastary and admitted into the religious order.