Accent walls in a living room tend to be something that designers typically hate and home decorators love. Usually designers say that if you're going to commit to a palette you should just commit to it and paint all four walls. However, not all rooms can handle bright orange walls but if you love the color you usually think "Oh, I'll just paint the one wall".

The big problem with these accent walls is that they just don't blend in with the rest of the room. It might be an unrelated color or you leave the rest of the walls stark. white It's about creating a subtle contrast. Living room ideas are going to help you take a basic plain white box and turn it into something very special. You don’t even have to have a fireplace. Instead, you can just create interesting focal points on a budget using paint.

Use a Whole Palette

You can take modern colors and just find ways to relate them back to nature. Gray would initially seem like a  more modern living room idea so match the furniture to this darker accent color and paint the rest of your walls a lighter dove gray. However, you can find ways to make it more elegant. Use glass coffee tables. Bring in natural landscape paintings in beautiful silver frames. This is going to be one of the more calming astrospheres that you can make.

Disperse The Accent Color Through The Room

Use this on accent furniture and throw pillows. You can also find new ways to use vintage piece. Hutches and china cabinets have been one of the more popular and expensive pieces lately. Instead you can just bring this into the living room. Paint it a bright yellow for more of a country kind of look. This can serve as a focal point, bookcase, and even an entertainment center all in one. Place it against one of the neutral walls.

Tie the Palette Together With Artwork

You are also going to need to make your own artwork if your walls are several different colors. This can have a slightly vintage air. Get a peg board and hang up a lot of keys or use a shadow box to frame out skelton keys. This is going to be a subtle touch but it's also a collection you can add to over time. It's also a way that you can mix and match a variety of metal tones at one time to match random light fixtures or lamps that might be sticking out in your room.

If you shop at Pottery Barn you can get living room ideas that also provide you with extra storage. You can get a large sofa sectional with built in wicker drawers underneath it. These can even serve as toy boxes for a fun functional family piece. You don’t have to stop decorating or buying nice things just because you have a family. You just need to find pieces that will work for your new life and brightly colored baskets are another area to use the red or blue from your accent wall.

You can even find ways to make artwork that will be the focal point of your room. Right now subway style art is very popular. It’s going to use lots of block letters with names of different cities. This could be really personal. It could even have names of different cities that you've visited or just use this for your kids’ names.

Use Extra Lighting

This is vital when working with darker wall colors. It's also going to be important to figure out how to make the architecture of your room stand out. Highlight bookcases with lights. If you don't have architecture create it. Look for a table top fountain. This doesn't have to be a cheesy garden variety. Instead look for more contemporary versions that mimic rocks or have garden gazing ball orbs on them. This is also a perfect option if you are into feng shui and want to bring a water element into your room.

Find Interesting Textures

You can also focus a lot on wall coverings instead of paint to create your accent walls in a living room. Look for pale gray versions so that it doesn't seem too stuffy. Then bring in bright yellow painted furniture for an interesting take on a formal living room.

There are also several different ways that you can do one inspiration piece. Sure, flowers are a traditional motif. However, you can also go with a different type of motif such as an orchid. Just adding one of these flowers into your room is going to help you to add femininity to a stark white modern room.

However, you could take the orchid inspiration into a more subtle design direction. You could just look for a white couch, green wall colors, and a hot pink ottoman. Then you could paint the rest of your room a bright white to contrast against a wall mural which also classifies as an accent wall. Look for this print on your window treatments so that you tie the entire color scheme together.

For Bright Paint Colors Decorate With Modern Furniture

Take your furniture in new directions with contemporary materials. This could be simple stainless steel legs on a glass coffee table. You could even spray paint a basic wood table to mimic metal; there are also hammered versions available to you. It won't look exactly like stainless steel but it's a much more affordable alternative.

Your furniture placement helps you to decorate for free. Instead of lining up all of your furniture against the walls; section off an entry way into your room with an accent chair to create a sense of movement. You need to pick a focal point whether it's the fireplace or the TV and make sure that everyone in the room can see it from all of your seating areas so that it's still a functional space. Then paint that wall the brighter color. The accent color should always be on the focal wall.

Paint One Wall With Stripes

You also want to bring in at one whimsical item. For a nautical room this could be a lamp made out of a buoy or a life ring mirror. You don't need to go overboard but go for larger accessories. This can be a conversation point when people first walk into your room.

Bring in at least one quality piece for a luxurious feeling in your room that uses a color from your paint treatment. This could be a white leather ottoman. You might be afraid of white furniture, but faux leather is pretty easy to clean and adds a modern aesthetic to your room.

Fabric coordination can be a little bit intimidating at first. You could either pick a color palette or a pattern and repeat it on several items. Just don't forget to mix in lots of solid colors for balance. Using the same color palette allows you to use stripes and more traditional jacquard fabrics together for a mix of both casual and elegant looks. You can blend these together with a lot of homemade throw pillows.

There are a few motifs that we see a lot of in modern living rooms. Geometric patterns are going to be vital as a focal point. If you do decide to go with faux painting make sure that you get really crisp lines to match the clean lines of your furniture. This could be a grid design. You could even try painting a retro style cityscape for a little more interest to a bachelor pad. Accent walls in a living room help you to pull your entire room together.