Learning how to file your traffic accident claim

Insurance focus: insurance claims resulting from traffic accidents

No matter how carefully you drive, there is always the possibility that you will get into an accident.  If it's not your fault, you will almost certainly want to file a claim with your insurance company.  There are a few things you'll need to know before filing your claim however.

After you get into an accident, you need to get the name of everyone that has been involved.  It is also best that you get their addresses and telephone numbers in case legal notices have to be served.

If you have to file a traffic accident claim, you will also need to get the details of all the vehicles that are involved.  This includes the make, model, and color of the vehicles.  The registration numbers should also be included.

When filing traffic accident claims, it is vital that you be able to tell exactly how it happened.  You may want to take notes just after the accident occurs since your memory can become fuzzy as time progresses.  Some of the notes that you take should include what time of day it was, any weather conditions, and where you were going.

It is also important that you take photos of all the damaged vehicles at the scene.  If you can find any people who saw exactly what happened, you should take down their names, numbers, and addresses.  They can help prove your claim later on.

It is crucial that you get in contact with your insurance company as soon as possible.  Every company will impose a time frame in which you have to file your claim after the accident.  If you wait until this time expires, your claim will be rendered invalid.  The only reason why you shouldn't get into contact with your insurance company immediately is if you are seriously injured.

When you do get in contact with your insurance company, you should never admit that the accident is your fault even if it is.  You simply need to tell them exactly what happened.  The company's investigator is tasked with finding out who is at fault.

You also need to ensure that you understand your insurance policy well.  You don't want to file a claim if you're not covered for it.  Some people even have multiple insurance policies that will pay for the accident.

Speaking of paying, the insurance company will likely try to give you a lower amount than you deserve.  It's their job to save as much money as possible.  Therefore, you shouldn't take their word on their estimate.  You should get estimates of your own and compare them.

If you're thinking about filing a claim, it may be in your best interests to hire an attorney who deals specifically in traffic accident claims.  You should never sign any official documents that you don't fully understand.  An attorney would be able to understand your policy thoroughly and give you the best advice so you don't have to worry about all the paperwork.

After you have been in an accident, you may need to seek medical help.  You need to keep all records of any treatment and costs that you have incurred since the accident.  If you have already gotten repair work done on your vehicle, you will need to save your receipt for that too.

You may have to file an insurance claim at some point in your life no matter how careful a driver you are.  You will need to follow proper protocols to ensure that you don't get your claim dismissed automatically.  Try to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident.  It's also best that you take pictures and get identifying information on everyone involved.