Train station clocks have become a popular home decoration, providing a unique charm to any room in which they are placed. Whether a modern Swiss design or an old world two-sided railway clock, they have a style all their own. In this article, you'll discover what makes the fascination with these clocks tick, how they can be used in your home decor, and the prices you'll typically find them for in stores.

Train Station Clocks: A Beauty All Their Own

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If you've ever traveled by train to any major city railway station in the United States or Europe, you may have been treated to the vintage appeal of train station clocks. Many hubs from New York to London have railway clocks that have stood the test of time in terms of both function and aesthetic beauty. The 2011 movie Hugo set in a train station in Paris has made train station clocks even more popular; it gave an aura of fantasy to the world of the station, particularly the clocks.

train station clocks_4With this notoriety, train station clocks, or replicas of these clocks, have become very popular home decorations. They can take the shape of single-sided wall clocks, or the quite popular double-sided railway clocks. These clocks look and feel very much like their station counterparts. They are typically constructed with bronze, brass, wrought iron, and other classic metals and can come in sizes ranging from six inches to two feet across (and sometimes more.)

Their clock faces are often purposefully antiqued with faint discolorations, classic Roman numerals, and vintage-looking branding. Other replica railway clocks follow more modern station styles which use simple Swiss design. They are no less beautiful and can easily fit into nearly any interior design style.

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Where To Use Train Station Clocks

train station clocks_1Two-sided train station clocks make excellent outdoor decor. They are a very unique way to greet guests to your home. Many train station clocks are built to stand the elements, so those are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. Others are indoor only, so make sure you read carefully before buying if you want to place a railway clock on your front porch or outdoor wall. 

Railway clocks are just as engaging indoors. Single-sided wall clocks are excellent in vintage-styled dens and living rooms. Contemporary home designs are complemented very well with the more modern Swiss design of contemporary train station clocks. There are also miniature and free-standing versions of these train station clocks that make excellent desk and bed-table clocks.

Double-sided versions are major statement pieces in an entry way or larger living room. Be careful, though, as these double-sided railway clocks can take up a lot of room. If you have a smaller space, you are better off opting for the more traditional single-sided variety. 

For businesses looking for a creative splash for their office space, double-sided railway clocks are a real interesting choice. The two-sided functionality comes in very handy in a large cubicle environment, while the creative feel will lighten the mood in the space. 

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Train Station Clock Prices

Because of the wide variety of train station clocks, there's a big swing in prices - from $30 to $300 or more, depending on the size and materials used in the clock. Many single-sided choices can be had for less than $150 or less, so there's definitely solid options out there no matter your budget. 

There's no denying it, train station clocks are cool. Whether you choose old world railway charm or a modern Swiss design, your home's style is only increased by having one on your wall. You'll love the look, and your guests will too.