Most people are visual, so when they say they have to see something to believe it, it's not because they're full of doubts, but because they simply can't imagine things. Tat is one of the reasons TV is so popular, we just sit in front of it and see how to turn a chicken breast into a delicious stir fry, how to organize the closets, what to wear, how to look, how to behave. We buy cookbooks with photographs, go shopping with pictures of the clothes we want, use online applications that let us see how we would look in a particular haircut.

As much as being able to see things helps make some decisions easier, it also robs us of the need to simply imagine things. To not lose the ability to picture something in an instant, we have to train our minds, but it can be fun and definitely useful exercise. To work on our visualization skills we can use activities of everyday life, we can do it alone or with all family members making it into a game with no losers.

One of the things we all do is eat. Next time you make dinner, place all the ingredients on the table and read a recipe out of a book with no photographs. You can have everybody say what they think the dish will look like or you can just try to picture it yourself. When the dinner is ready compare what you have on the plate with what your thoughts were, or take a look online to see the pictures of your dish to see the comparison.

Another easy exercise is to read and picture what is described. It's best to start with detailed descriptions you can find in a free press release about a new product, in an online store under product specifications or in any specialty magazine. With time practice on less and less detailed descriptions to eventually just go by name or a slogan to imagine a mini mouse, a corner couch or a wicker basket.

Shopping in itself can be fun, but next time you're in a store, take a new approach. When you pick out a blouse you like, before you buy it, try picturing it with at least three different items you already have in your closet. Seeing the whole outfits in your mind will not only train your imagination, but also help you with smart shopping as you'll get the color that will fit your clothes best, and you won't waste money on something you have to buy new pants, shoes and necklace for.

Imagination is easier to develop when you're young, so try practicing wit your kids or your friends' children. When the weather is nice, just lie down in the yard and observe the clouds, telling one another what you see. It will force you to make the abstract shapes into specific forms, and also to follow somebody else's frame of thought to see what they see.

Being able to close your eyes to see something that is not there will be helpful in many situations, as you'll be able to picture how a particular piece of furniture would look in your house, what you can do with the plants to make your yard nicer, but you'll also be able to work on different projects and specify them before you make the first cut, draw a line or sign a deal.