The best and only way to improve your basketball dribbling skills is through the use of basketball training drills. The mere act of watching others play to get pointers or trying out these moves as you play the game won't get you where you need to be when talking about dribbling techniques. However, consistent practice and more practice is your ticket.

Basketball dribbling skills is a requirement for each player to have. If you don't have these skills, you'll better help your team by sitting the game out. That is why you need to be educated with different basketball training drills to help you out with your dribbling and ball handling.

There are many basketball training drills that can help you out with your basketball dribbling skills. Let's discuss a few basic ones you can use to make you better. They're easy enough to learn but it really lies on your hands to practice them.

1.) The 5-minute Circle

This is a great drill invented by one of the earliest basketball Hall of Famers. The 5-minute circle helps you develop your basketball dribbling skills by helping you get a better feel of how it is to perform different techniques in succession as if you are dancing with the ball on the court.

What you need to do is you'll have to stand at the center of a circle. The half-court circle on the court can be useful. Then start the time and dribble non-stop with the different basketball dribbling skills, moves, and techniques that you know. Mix them up and do some combos like doing a stutter step, followed by a crossover, then do a spin move, hesitation, inside out, stutter crossover, and whatever comes to mind.

Do this exercise for 3 minutes straight the first time. Move on to 4 minutes during the next exercise and finally to 5 minutes. Maintain that time every practice. You will feel considerably tired after each try. Make sure not to step out of the circle.

2.) The 4-Step Drill

This is a similar drill to the 5-minute circle since it also focuses on developing your proficiency in mixing up dribbling skills. However, instead of dribbling and weaving around a circle, you'll be practicing doing the moves in a straight line.

Start by standing on one end of the basketball court. You will need to take four steps. However, you will need to perform one dribbling move per step. So by the end of it, you will have performed 4 dribbling moves. You can do this by starting out with a between the legs, behind the back, spin, and a crossover.

When you are done, stop, and then continue with another 4 steps using a different combination. You can try doing an inside-out dribble, followed with a hesitation, stutter steps, and then a spin move. It's all up to your imagination.

So as you can see, these basketball training drills will help you become proficient in each dribbling skill and at the same time, master doing combos and mixes. When you are on the court, these combinations will become second nature and you will be blowing by defenders.