Regardless of the type of dog you own, one of the most effective methods of training and controlling your pet is clicker dog training. Clicker training is very easy to master, and you can teach your German Shepherd just about anything with a well-operated clicker.   German Shepherds are renowned for their intelligence so they tend to respond well to learning and training. 

Clicker Training German Shepherds - How it Works

The methodology behind clicker training is sound association. Your German Shepherd learns to associate the sharp strong sound of the clicker, which can be heard at a distance of twenty yards or more, with a particular command that you give. The sound of the clicker is the "reward" the dog receives for heeding and obeying your command.

The process of German Shepherd clicker training does not initially start out with the clicker. The dog must first be taught that the clicker sound is a reward for good behavior. The initial training can be accomplished using dog treats and an inexpensive clicker from your local pet shop.

It is important to be consistent when training your dog using the clicker training method. The sound of the clicker should only be used to indicate to your dog he did a good job and is deserving of a treat.

Clicker Training German Shepherds - How It's Done

There are three basic steps involved in training your German Shepherd with a Clicker.

1. The first step is to determine the behavior you want your dog to perform. This might be rolling over, speaking, sitting, fetching, and so forth. Get the dog to perform the behavior, and then reward him with a click and a treat.

2. The second step is to get the desired command across to the dog. Most dogs catch on fast and usually after two or three repeats, they understand what they did to earn the reward and repeat the behavior whenever you use the clicker.

Clicker training German Shepherds is successful because most dogs respond immediately, allowing you to instill the command in their mind faster, whereas a verbal command requires more time to teach if used independently of a clicker.

3. The third step is repetition. Once the dog performs the behavior and you reward him, continue the process for reinforcement. Treats are not necessary each time the dog performs the desired behavior. Verbal praise and petting are just as appreciated by the dog, and eventually can replace treats altogether.

Clicker Training German Shepherds - Transitioning to a Command

After your German Shepherd learns the behavior, the next step in clicker dog training is to transition to a voice command you can use no matter where you are, even if you do not have a clicker with you.

Make it a habit to use the command and the clicker and follow with a reward. Since German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, they will learn to associate all three very quickly.

As you continue the clicker dog training, your dog will eventually respond with only a verbal command and praise for performing the desired behavior. Treats will no longer be necessary and the dog is content simply in knowing his actions please his master.

Clicker dog training makes training your German Shepherd fast and easy. You can teach and reinforce just about any behavior you want your dog to perform.