Deciding what type of training wheels for bikes to get for your kids can be hard. Some people swear by no training wheels, while others use the tried and true system of training wheels attached to the back wheel of the bike that you keep adjusting higher until they are basically riding the bike without them touching the ground, and then you remove them.

For some kids and their parents this can be a heart wrenching experience as you try to let your kids go while wobbling to retain their balance. No matter how well you have them decked out in safety gear, it can be hard to watch your kids wobble and fall.

If your child is ready for a 2 wheel bicycle, then you can start by getting yourself geared up for a bit of a workout. This is not the day to be wearing high heels! Get on your sneakers, pick a good day, and if you have already picked out and purchased a new or used 2 wheel bike for your child, then give this a try.

Start by getting them geared up with their helmet and possibly elbow pads etc, then get them on the bike and start by slowly jogging beside the bike. Sometimes kids will pick it up right from the start. Move yourself to the back of the bike if they are not wobbling too much and see how their balance is. If you can at this point confidently let go, then do so.

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But if they are really wobbly, then try the training wheels. It doesn't hurt to see if they can ride without them first. Some kids just seem to naturally pick it up. If you have already purchased some training wheels, then install them according to the package directions, but make sure they are slightly off the ground to allow for movement side to side. The trick of course is to get them used to this level and get them riding and building their balance and confidence while secretly raising them higher and higher. Until you can eventually take them off.

Here is another way. I cam across this product and thought it would be worth mentioning. It is an alternative to the training wheels for bikes. It attaches at the back and allow
s your kids the feeling of freedom without you holding them at the side. But with this system you can follow behind them and prevent any of those wobbly crashes!

It also can release to let your child ride totally free, without them knowing it. This is a great alternative to the traditional training wheels for bikes that most people use. There is nothing wrong with the training wheel system, but this is also a great system to give the parent more control on those first few rides. It is easier to balance your child from the back using this system, instead of running beside them.

This is also a great way for you to get some exercise too! Teaching your kids to ride bikes can be hard on the parents, as no one likes to see those wobbly crashes off a bike. So, don't rush them, and consider any of these systems as a great way to give your kids that feeling of freedom they will get when riding a 2 wheel bike, especially that very first time without you!  Also see cute helmet covers for kids to keep them safe.