Training Your New Cat

You or your child are very excited about getting your pet kitten.  Remember cats are very curious by nature and are natural roamers.  With this said if they get outside sometimes they are never seen again. In this article you will learn a technique that could help from losing your new bundle of joy.  It has worked for me.  I have had cats for over 40 years and all of them have responded to this technique.

Cats are very loyal in nature.  They are very loyal to the person or people who feed them on a daily basis. Immediately when you get your new pet it is important to have on hand besides there daily meals a snack that they receive at a certain time on a daily basis.  Snacks can be bought at your local pet store in single serve pouches. 

Lets get started, every day when you give your cat or cats their daily snack, let them know its coming by shaking the bag and with a high pitch in your voice say snack time.  What I mean by a high pitch is just something a little higher than what you usually do when you talk to them.  It's as simple as that.  Simply do this every day and they will catch on very quick by hearing the bag and also your higher pitch in your voice that they are about to be rewarded with one of their favorite snack.  If the cats are somewhere in your home and you want them to come to you use this method, it works like a charm and your cat or cats will be swarming around you in second.

This method could also be used if your cat sneaks outside and roams away.  Some cats want no buisness at all of going outside but then there are the ones who consistantly want to excape and go explore in your neighborhood.  Simply bring the bag outside and with a higher pitch in your voice speak and say snack time.  They will come marching.  I've used this method also to teach my cats to come and also to sit.  Now who said cats can't be taught tricks.  Enjoy.