Healthcare is a trade and it requires skilled professionals and managers to run patient care units in smooth and organized manner. Medical Administration is a flourishing field that provides management services along with taking care of people availing health services. Medical administrative careers are best for individuals who have passion for their job responsibilities and understand leadership principals. Medical administrative staff offers their services in three important sectors in health industry that include office management, information management and health services. Entry level jobs from assistant level are available for associates and diploma holder candidates. Moreover, candidates with higher degrees can work on higher positions such as manager or administrator of healthcare facility. There are mainly three types of careers available in administration department.

  • Healthcare Service Administration
  • Health Information Management
  • Medical Office Management


    Healthcare Service Administration

    Healthcare Service administrators are capable to manage overall business management of healthcare facilities. Depending on the size of health facility they can run whole hospital or a single department. These service administrators hire and supervise other staff and make policies. Other responsibilities include controlling finance issues and order supplies. They work in coordination with other departmental managers and share plans and activities to improve health and wellness services offered.


    Health Information Management

    These professionals maintain patient’s records and design and manage the whole information system in order to meet legal, ethical and medical standards. Health Information managers also ensure confidentiality of patient’s records and only make them available to those personals who are involved in the treatment of any specific patient. They are capable to work on hospital’s database and perform all related duties to design, analyze and generate reports for physicians and administration staff.  

    medical office management

    Medical Office Management

    Medical office managers are responsible support and organize overall office activities for medical staff and physicians. They carry out everything from taking dictation to attending phone calls for scheduling appointments for patients.

    education and training

    Training and Education required for Medical Administrative Professional

    Various health sciences degrees are available from certifications, associates to bachelors or masters level for those who are willing to become medical administrative professional. You will have to complete required degree to get familiar with principle of management. If you want to join assistant level post a certificate or an associates/bachelors of health sciences degree is sufficient. But for those who have plan to progress in this field should pursue a masters of health sciences degree. Furthermore, it is also necessary to become certified with specific Healthcare Administration Professional Associations to work as an authorized professional in this field. Specific coursework that helps individuals to become medical administrative professional include long term care administration, public health, business/public administration and healthcare administration. These courses train individuals to work on general positions in this field. With entry level health administration degree you can work in smaller health service facilities like clinics and small setups. Various top accredited colleges and top accredited universities offer healthcare administration degrees online as well as on campus programs. In order to obtain general position in huge setup you need to complete master degree in health sciences with special focus on health services administration. Prior work experience is also required with above average grades are prerequisites to get enrolled in Masters Degree program. Masters degree program is a three year program in which students spend one year to learn administrative skills under supervision of qualified professionals at any running healthcare facility. They will study courses like accounting, marketing, budgeting, hospital management, human resource administration, biostatistics, strategic planning, epidemiology, laws and ethics, health economics and health information systems. Some universities also allow students to specialize to work in a particular facility like medical groups or mental health facilities, nursing care facilities and hospitals.  

    Licensing and Professional Certifications for Healthcare Administration Degree Holders

    Pursuing required healthcare administration degree is not sufficient to work as an authorized administration professional. All degree holders are required to pass a licensing exam to start their professional career in any State all over the USA. Individuals possessing bachelors and masters degree in healthcare administration are eligible to pass licensing certification exam to become Registered Health Information Administrator offered by American Health Information Management Association.

    Basic Prerequisites to get Enrolled in Medical Administration Degree Programs

    As you can see that medical administration is very diverse field and candidates from various backgrounds can come and obtain any specific niche to utilize their unique skills. You can select any suitable degree in health care administration degrees online or on campus programs offered at top accredited college or university. Prerequisites mainly depend on the level of degree program you are going to get enrolled.

    Prerequisite for an Associate's Degree in Healthcare Administration

    Colleges and community colleges offer associates degree in healthcare administration. Usually students are required to possess a high school diploma or GED. Candidates are also required to pass criminal background check before they get accepted in healthcare degree program. They must have studied courses like psychology, English and medical terminology. Moreover, previous work experience of working in medical administration department in any health service facility also makes candidates eligible to get accepted in associate’s degree program. 


    Besides these educational prerequisites you have to show certain management skills like understanding to handle financial issues, employee recruitment skills and capability to work in challenging and regulatory working environment. With relevant healthcare administration degree you can join any specific administrative career in diverse healthcare industry.