Concentration Can Be Learned

No Extra Time Required

Some would say that a person cannot improve their own thoughts.  Oh, but that is not true.  Controlling the mind is quite possible.  The brain is the center of the human universe.  All Concentrationhappiness, sadness, planning, pain, and pleasure start right there in this magnificent muscle.  What if one could control the brain?  The exciting news is that one can!

The idea is  an old one.  The sad part is that so many people never make use of the message that they can control so much of what happens in their brain.  Medications exist today for people who say they lack the power of concentration.  Thoughts here are not expressed to challenge the use of the medications or existence of Attention Deficit Disorder.  Rather, consider that people can exercise control over their mind’s ability to concentrate.

Consider the bigger picture for the adult.  A fulfilled life includes concentration control as a primary element.  The person can dictate to his or her brain.  After all, they own it!  Concentration is power.

Think about the human body in general and what people do to manage all aspects of their physical form.  The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar phenomenon capitalizing on people desiring to control the size of their body.  The cosmetic industry flourishes as well on the ability to control the external façade of the face and skin.  Medications and vitamins occupy pharmacist and drugstore shelves to take care of the internal body.  Devote a bit of attention to the wonderful machinery of the thinking brain.

Work on the brain and its ability to concentrate as the first order of each day.  Consider it as important as eating breakfast, brushing the teeth,  shaving, taking medications and vitamins, or putting on cosmetics.  All of the  items need tools whether it is food, a toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, or pills.  One virtue of making concentration-building  a part of the daily ritual is that no external aids demand presence. Another great part of the plan is here.  This concentration practice requires no extra time  put into the day.  Work on practicing concentration as part of commute time to a place of business every morning. From the time the  door is locks at home to  arrival at the office, work on it.

By now the reader perhaps is skeptical.  Commute time whether in a train, subway, airplane, or automobile is perfect. What? Yes, nothing is simpler.  The only  necessary equipment is the mind for the simplest version concentration practice.

Every morning decide on a subject on which to concentrate the mind.  It could be a business plan.  A personal plan qualifies as a concentration subject.  Problem solving on a particular  concern works.  Even a plan of action for the day forms practice material.  The commute begins once the person departs home.  Start concentrating on the topic.  The topic is not of importance, but obviously something to make a positive imprint on a person’s life would be ideal choices.

Again, do not think this will be easy.  After just a few steps after the clicking the door lock on the house, the mind might seem to drift.  Yank it back immediately.  The person is in charge of the brain.  Use the proverbial hook used to pull the meandering actor off the stage to force concentration on the selected subject of the day.  Keep exercising control over and over to keep the mind in one-subject concentration mode.  Do not get frustrated.  Keep up the efforts.  Failure is not an option if persistence is available. It is incomprehensible seriously to believe that the mind is not capable of concentrating on demand.

Think about this. Imagine that a person received a letter that concerned him, one threatening a serious situation such as legal problems.  Would the mind not almost demand concentration on that topic?  Would it be difficult to get the mind off of that topic? The mind can concentrate. 

A fun aspect of teaching the mind to concentrate on a commute is to think of other things people would like to do on a commute but cannot.  Many commuters today wish time to work out physically. Think of the quizzical looks that person would receive if he or she entered the subway with a barbels or weights! Choose instead to workout with the mind.  In the purest form, concentration training involves no equipment but rather just thinking.   Concentration training extended possibilities include thinking while writing on the subject, reading electronic books, or listening to audio books on the selected topic.  Obviously these latter spin-offs do need just a wee bit of equipment.  Start with the mind-only version to start the concentration training process.

It is fun to contemplate what accomplishments are possible with such regular practice of concentration.  Practice daily. With control learned, and the brain trained, the person can control concentration efforts in settings other than the daily commute. Every minute of every day, day in and day out no matter the place, the person controls the mind.  Think of the possibilities!  Discipline the thinking machine.

There is no secret to teaching the mind to concentrate.  The key is persistence.   Potentially this is an invaluable suggestion.  The  greatest men who have ever walked the earth recommended it.  Give the mind a try.  Some evils of life and worry itself face eradication often in the wake of people doing so.