One of my greatest passions in life has long since been Golf. Everytime I walk out onto that course or driving range it just takes my breathe away. Over a period of several years I began to appreciate the intensity and high strung competitive edge that long driving gives me. If you are having difficulties finding that right sport for you and need something that gives you great levels of adrenaline, then this is for you.

Things You Will Need

It was in may of 1996 where I first fell in love with hitting the long ball. Many have probabaly seen or heard of this movie 'Happy Gilmore' - this was what got me motivated to spend countless hours trying to achieve something that many fail at.

There are very few feelings that beat the emotion that you feel when you have crushed a small dimpled ball 350 + yrds. Aside from what you see and feel are the reactions of everyone around you. Yes putting may better your scoring game but nothing beats driving a green.

I am going to be over some basics that helped me better my distance and accuracy.

1. Dosen't matter what sport you compete in - if you do not fuel your body then you will not fuel your game. I am 6'5 230 pounds and eat on average 4500-5000 calories a day. Yes this may seem like alot but when you are training to be the best; you must perform your best. One of the areas in your body that creates the fastest club head and swing speed is muscles. You may be able to increase your distance but don't expect to be walking up to any pins after that one shot if you do not grow those appendages.

2. Training - now when you are eating the amount of calories that I do, you must train to turn that energy into power. I spend an hour and a half at the gym every day. My training consists of full body workout and I alternate to splits. When training for speed and power you must work on those core exercises (Bench press, Squat, Deadlift, Military Press,) and various other movements.

You could be as strong as super man but you still got to hit that ball straight - "Jason Zuback"

Now what does this mean? Well some of your most important exercises are those that are low intensity. Stretching, Core exercises, Body rotation are a few to be named. If you stay ontop of these you will see greate results, both in your physique and long game.

"I will post another article explaining what my training and nutrition consists of"

Now onto the most vital aspect of your regiment. Hitting those hundreds and thousands of golf balls. I believe the average long distant pro will hit anywhere from 500-1500 golf balls a day. Before I go on, please do not attempt doing this until you are in the right state of mind and body. Hitting that amount of golf balls will play havach on your body!

Remember all these steps are required in hitting that golf ball into space and making all of your friends jealous. Nothing beats that sense and wonder of how you can hit a golf ball that far.

Golf is a game to be enjoyed. If you start noticing that you are losing that passion then take a break. If you are going to put in that effort just make sure that you have a written goal in mind.

Tips & Warnings

- Start off small, do not attempt to trying everything that I have listed here until you have spoken to physician or personal trainer. It can take years to get to a competitive stage. Be patient and persistant and you will see that finish line; where ever you might want it to be.