If you are reading this, it is likely that you have a dog that you want to behave better. There are many different training tools out there. A citronella spray, which sprays an unpleasant spray at the dog's noise when he barks is one tool. A buzzing collar, which creates an ear piercing sound to a dog but is silent to humans is another tool. These are popular because they do not actually shock the dog. If you own a small dog one of these training devices is probably great for you. However, these collars provide a very small effect to large dogs. If you own a large dog and he jumps, runs out of the yard, barks or chews then a shock collar is most likely the best choice for you. There have been a numerous amount of complaints regarding the citronella collar and the buzzing collar. Some complain that the collar responds even if their dog doesn't bark. If the door was slammed to hard or a car horn beeped, the collar was known to respond. Also, unlike the shock collar that comes with the remote, you cannot discipline your dog for any other bad behavior except barking.

There are different levels of shock you can set for your dog depending on its size and breed. While a smaller dog may need a setting of 2 or 3, a large dog may need to have the shock collar set on 5 or 6. It is important that when placing the collar on the dog that you position the section that shocks the dog on the bottom of its neck. Placing the unit on the top or on the side will have no effect on the dog.
It is extremely important to be consistent with the dog using its shock collar. While training, you should have the shock collar on at all times in case you catch your dog misbehaving. When the dog does something he is not supposed to be doing you should respond with shocking the dog using your remote. One cannot stress enough how important it is to stick with the same routine of disciplining your dog. If you shock him for doing something naughty one time, then you need to make sure you shock him if he is doing that same thing a different time.

The shock collar should be operated by adults only. Not only is it not safe for a child to use, they could greatly confuse the dog. Shocking the dog at the same second that he misbehaves is vital when training a dog. He will eventually understand that if he does that action then he will be punished with a shock. Overusing the remote will cause the dog to go backwards in training and your outcome will be negative.

Owning a well behaved dog is great for everyone in the family. By using the shock collar correctly, you can enjoy your family pet just as much as he loves you. Invest in a shock collar and you will not be disappointed.