Having a trampoline in your home is one of the biggest treats for the kids. Yet safety is a huge priority! In fact your kids will have memories for years to come of this amazing jumping equipment that can't be replaced. However, the fun of a trampoline can go seriously wrong if there is an accident. Kids can be hurt, paralyzed or worse when they misuse a trampoline.

Things You Will Need


Safety for the home

Step 1

Talk to your kids about the issues and dangers of the trampoline. While you don't want to scare them, a small amount of reality will allow them to understand what will happen if they act dangerously on the trampoline.

Step 2

Set down rules for the trampoline and require the kids to obey them. Make up a contract between you and your kids that says they must follow the rules or the trampoline will be off limits for them to play with. This will make them understand how important trampoline safety is for your family.

Step 3

Purchase a trampoline net. This will allow some extra safety when the children are playing on the trampoline and help avoid unforeseen accidents.

Step 4

Secure the bottom of the trampoline so nobody can go underneath it. This is especially important for animals who might not understand the danger of someone jumping on top while they are underneath.

Step 5

Only allow the children to play on the trampoline while you or another adult are supervising. This will mean you are outside more often, but then again you can keep a direct eye on the playing.

Trampoline safety should be a number 1 priority to keep your kids safe!

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