Trane furnace parts are actually quite easy to come by, provided you know where to look. Of course the newer your furnace is, the easier it will be to find the parts you need for your repairs. Likewise, older appliances are tougher to find exact replacement parts for. Either way, it's important to keep a couple of things in mind as you search.

What You Need To Know

Find out what model of Trane furnace you have before searching for parts. Trust me, it will make your search much easier. And if you can find a part number on the part you're looking for, that will help, too. It's also a good idea to pull out any documents that accompany your furnace and look for any parts listings in the manuals. Sometimes they'll include all the numbers you'll need, and a direct line with Trane or one of its suppliers; this is a tremendous help when looking for Trane furnace parts.

While part numbers are nice, it's a good idea to know what kind of part you need. Professional furnace repairmen who are reading this probably know the inner and outer workings of a Trane furnace like the back of their hands, but the average Do-It-Yourself homeowner probably won't. And it won't do any good to start calling around or searching on the Internet if you don't even know what you're looking for.

Note: It's never a good idea to do any self-service work on a furnace unless you're qualified to do so. Improper maintenance or tampering could cause serious injuries, explosions and even death. Leave Trane furnace maintenance to the professionals.

Where To Find Trane Furnace Parts

Once you know what you're looking for, check out these great places to buy Trane furnace parts:

Buy Trane Furnace Parts Online. Trane has a website that should help you find anything you need, but be prepared to get funneled to an "authorized Trane dealer" in your area. They don't seem to sell parts directly to consumers, though there may be a hidden parts outlet hidden on the website somewhere. If that doesn't work, check out some of the major mechanical parts dealers, they seem to have a wide variety of parts for various Trane furnace models.

Buy Through Local Dealers. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of major appliance dealers or service organizations that work with Trane furnaces in any city, which means that you should be able to track down Trane furnace parts with ease with nothing more than a phonebook or a local Internet search engine.

General Appliance Stores. Most companies that specialize in furnaces, air conditioners, swamp coolers and any other heating or cooling machine will keep a supply of frequently used parts on hand. Again, knowing your furnace model is important, because you'll probably end up searching through a Trane furnace parts list that includes everything from an ignitor to filters to screws to control modules. If one of these HVAC stores doesn't carry what you need, there's a good chance they can special order it.

Home Improvement Stores. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to find Trane furnace parts at some of the bigger DIY building supply stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. While they won't carry everything you'll need, they can often special order anything you need, and can do it relatively quickly, often in less than 24 hours. Another advantage to these kind of stores is that many of the employees know your local fix-it community very well, and can recommend where to buy the Trane parts you need if their store can't provide them.

Avoid Generic Or Knock Off Parts

As you probably could expect, there is an entire "aftermarket" industry that would be more than willing to sell you Trane furnace replacement parts that aren't made by Trane, but rather a knock-off company. These are often touted as "just as good as the real thing." Sometimes they are, but usually they aren't. It's true that you do get what you pay for. And when it comes to the consequences of a Furnace failure, saving a few bucks just doesn't seem worth it. Especially if you've got a Trane gas furnace.

Trane Furnace Troubleshooting

Working on furnaces isn't for the beginner. In fact, unless you've been trained in the art of HVAC repair and maintenance, even opening up the paneling of your furnace is highly discouraged. So how do you figure out what Trane furnace replacement part you need if you don't even know what you're looking at?

Call a certified Trane Furnace Repairman. It's not as cheap as fixing a problem yourself, but these guys (and gals) have tons of experience and training. In many instances they'll come troubleshoot your furnace for free, and even give you a free estimate on the repair costs.

They might even tell you what parts you need, so that you can purchase them yourself and save a little bit of money. Then they'll install them for you. You'll end up saving the high cost of Trane Furnace parts at inflated repair shop prices that way.