Truths known to the heart rather than the mind.

I do not remember how or where I came across these words but they have lingered in the back of my mind since the mid 1970's. I love the sound of these words still. I decided to learn.

Transcendental means "to go beyond."

Apparently more then 5 million people worldwide, of all ages, cultures and religions, practice the Technique of Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes twice a day.

It is a simple, natural effortless procedure. Just sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.

It is not a religion, philosophy or lifestyle.

It is the most practiced, most researched and most effective method of self-development.

The Transcendental Meditation Technique allows your mind to settle inward....beyond experience the very source of thought with pure awareness.

This is the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness.

Variously called "The Field of Pure Intelligence", "The Unified Field", "Unbounded Pure Being", and "The Fourth State of Consciousness"; your brain functions with greater coherence and your body gains deep rest.

Holistic practitioners report heath benefits including: increased creativity, intelligence, harmonious relationships, reduced respiration rate, less muscle tension and lower blood pressure.

At least 250 Universities or Research Centers, such as Harvard, UCLA and Stanford, have published in more than 100 journals; 600 research studies.

Transcendental Meditation Technique is based on the ancient Vedic tradition of enlightenment in India. This knowledge has been passed down by Vedic masters from generation to generation for thousands of years.

During the Sixties, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the representative in our age of the Vedic tradition introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world, restoring the knowledge and experience of higher states of consciousness at this critical time for humanity.

TM is different from other meditation techniques which keep the mind "thinking about something". TM simply allows the mind to naturally and effortlessly transcend thinking and to experience a deep state of restfully alert consciousness.

For the sake of argument I decided to include comments made by various religious clergy.

Some Catholic Priests and Nuns maintain that since TM is neither a religion nor taught as a doctrine it does not interfere with their Catholic Christian Faith and in fact as TM teachers and practitioners have a great respect for all religions; it has in fact enhanced both prayer and Christian life with help in preparation for Prayer. Used as a tool, TM has helped them to experience the spiritual core of their faith on a deeper level and to ward off the stress and potential debilitating effects of just living in our modern world of instant communication. Over the ages meditation has been encouraged by the Church and by the Saints. TM is considered as a proven technique for "joining them in meditation" and fostered the belief that TM is also effective in bringing together different Christian religions.

A Senior Rabbi of Judaism feels he would never have become a Rabbi without TM. In fact, he maintains, TM saved his Jewish Life. With regular practice people became more calm, energetic and creative than ever before; but they also innocently grow in love, compassion, ethical sensitivity and devotion to God. TM is encouraged for any student or teacher of Judaism for in the words of the Rabbis, "May we then find Grace and Enlightenment, in the eyes of God".

Another Rabbi noted that there is a common misconception amongst "western religions" that TM is some kind of Hindu worship and is therefore pagan. This Rabbi was first attracted to TM to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, generally improve well being - both mentally and physically but realized these were merely by-products of the experience. It made sense of Jewish practice and made him observant of his own faith; increasingly alive and spiritually vibrant. TM did not remove him from Judaism, it actually guided him back to Judaism with greater love and commitment.

If you are Christian, TM will make you more Christian.

If you are Jewish, TM will make you more Jewish.

If you are Muslim, TM will make you more Muslim.

One does not seek out other religions; one becomes fulfilled in one's own.

The whisper of the Self to itself.

In short, it is a fast, effective, universal approach to Peace.

Where Are You Going?Credit: Venetia


A Reverend, with the United Methodist Church, whose Alma Mata produced, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Norman Vincent Peale, believes TM Technique should be taught in Public Schools! He feels the relationship between meditation and religion is an interesting and complex question. As far as he is concerned the best watchword of TM is "diversity" and he cannot imagine continuing to grow without it.

One Unity Church Reverend noted that when he first learned TM Technique he was an "avowed agnostic". Over the years he found a growing awareness of "something much larger than myself" and this awareness blossomed into a deep appreciation and gratitude for the Creator and a profound and abiding love for Jesus Christ.

A High Priest of Mormonism, who grew up in the Church of Latter Day Saints, said that at age 15 he temporarily left the church because he had questions that were not being answered. After practicing TM for years he returned at age 32. This Mormon Priest believes that TM provides the direct experience of our inner divine nature, light and truth.

An Islamic, of The Melchizedek Priesthood, reported that he is a veiled Muslim, who first practiced TM in 2006 and stated "he was speechless after his first prayer session" (after his first Meditation) and still cannot explain this state of "complete serenity", contentment, and gratitude for God. For example, reading from the Qur'an is more enjoyable and comforting at the same time. He always had a strong belief that everything happened for a reason and that his humble insights were confirmed.


Transcendental Meditation seems to be simply a tool to provide the direct experience of "the Consciousness of God" and to realize your full potential, the fullness of life, and directly experience the eternal non-change of reality.

Transcendental Meditation is truly universal, as anyone of any age, education or background can practice it successfully, without any need for change in personal beliefs or lifestyle.

Also for the sake of argument, I felt I had to include the negative aspects of Transcendental Meditation encountered along the way.

I personally feel TM should never cost you money. During my research for this article I began to realize schools designed to teach Transcendental Meditation will charge, up wards from between $1,500.00 - $2,000.00, to learn the TM technique.

WHY would learning to meditate cost anything but perhaps the cost of a book, video, internet provider, or a meditation class?

Further investigation has led me to believe strong evidence exists against the practice of Transcendental Meditation. That it is a sham and has obvious cult-like structure. I felt deeply disappointed that the roots of TM lie in ancient Hindu roots as the Vedic Sanskrit writings apparently are; which matters not for this article or meditative purposes, but the fact that this is a deliberate omission kept from the students who choose to learn from formalized teachings or desired to study under Maharishi.

Certified Transcendental Meditation Teachers, who prefer to remain anonymous, say they deliberately withheld information or skillfully misled students because they were instructed to by Maharishi, who required signed contracts to promise to do so.

These Teachers taught anyway, some for more than 25 years, feeling justified by the health benefits of TM, but finally could not bear the conflicting guilt; mentioning only the good in you can be borne out by the practice of Transcendental Meditation and ultimately will not allow you to willfully practice deceitful acts.

This is what caused these former TM teachers to stop teaching, in some cases stop practicing completely, and come forward with this "secret knowledge" of Transcendental Meditation.

I was surprised to learn that Transcendental Meditation Schools requires one to use a secret mantra, which you are told to keep secret or "it will not work"; which sounds ridiculous, I know.

Usually one mantra is given to females and another males, according to age, and is chosen amongst names of ancient Hindu deities that have been used by worshipers in India for thousands of years to obtain the blessings of the various gods in the Hindu religion.

This information was supposedly suppressed by Maharishi to gain influence in the Western World and, as well, he declared Transcendental Meditation not a religion.

My interpretation, before this article, of Transcendental Meditation was that it was a simple and easy to achieve meditative process utilized by sitting quietly for 15-20 minutes with eyes closed whilst making a conscious effort to clear your mind, repeatedly pushing away any thought, whatsoever, striving for the low vibrational hum of the Universe.

My own Meditation trials prove that this is not as easy as it sounds but I strive with practice. Eyes closed and drooling in the bathtub may give one a humorous picture; but it IS decidedly a deeply rewarding, settling and transcending experience. I plan to continue.

On the scientific side, I learned that field studies, using The Vibrating Superstring Theory Mathematics of "The Unified Field" (which interacts with itself alone and with nothing else and equals to Pure Self Interaction) were performed using "The Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature--the Holistic Basis of Nature's Functioning"as a comparative between an objective approach of Modern Science and a subjective approach of Maharishi's "Vedic Science Of Transcendental Consciousness" which revealed that 40 major qualities of the Unified Field can be equated with the characteristic qualities of the 40 aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature.

Compelling, interesting data, to be sure.

Personally, I will continue to learn to Meditate but whether or not I am practicing Transcendental Meditation will have to, forever, remain an open question.

Transcendental Meditation: Truths known to the Heart rather than the Mind.

I love these words still.