Meditation is considered something that is more related to soul than to the bodily activities; this word has mystical effects and meanings but myths are not necessary to practice meditation. It can be something very innovative and still spiritual as transcendental meditation is a part of the whole. The founder of this kind of meditation is famous as the ‘giggling guru’ among his followers because of his habit of giggling quite often when talking to others. In this article we will try to understand what the basics of transcendental meditation are.


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This type of meditation comprises of a collection of Hindu meditation techniques. These techniques involve the recitation of a mantra; the words of this mantra are nothing but the names of certain Hindu gods. According to the founders and the followers of transcendental meditation, it is just a matter of observing two period of restful alertness, with each of these periods lasting for twenty minutes. So, the person following this meditation only requires sparing forty minutes a day. There is no need to focus or concentrate on anything; they are of the view that concentration is itself a stress for the human brain. You may have suspicions and doubts about this technique but it certainly works. Statistics show that most of the people who practiced transcendental meditation obtained the desired results in a quick succession.

Basic Guide


Transcendental consciousness is a state that is known as the height of the transcendental meditation, at this stage the mind has the power to transcend all activities of the mind during the rest. When somebody reaches this stage, the followers claim that the beneficial effects of this state include higher IQ, learning at a rapid rate, reasoning, enhanced creativity and better performance of the mind with more coordinated functioning of the body. They also claim that all these merits of transcendental meditation are proven on the scientific basis. It is a technique that releases all the hidden and suppressed capabilities of a man that enables him to perform well in his social and economic, cultural and professional life. The consequence is the development of the follower of this technique into a very valuable and beneficial citizen of the society.

TM Methods and Styles


The styles and methods involved in practicing transcendental meditation are much similar to that of certain Eastern religions and cults. Therefore, it is mistakenly considered as one of these entities, which is a misconception rather than reality. They also name it as the ‘Science of Creative Learning’ as this has become a degree in certain international institutes as a sub discipline in management sciences. The basic purpose of this course or degree is to make creative managers who can come up with novel management techniques to gain competitive advantage for business organizations. There are several myths about these techniques of meditation; some of them are near to reality while others are far from it. The most important of all is in the belief of its followers that it enables the person who practices it to fly or levitate in the air.     



In conclusion, transcendental meditation is a powerful technique of meditation that involves extreme concentration and focus of mind at one point by continuous chanting of mantras with closed eyes. Essentially it provides contentment and ease to the body and mind of its practitioners.