Transfering Money through Western Union

Money Transfer

Are you in a situation where one of your friends is in need of cash and you want to help. But you don't know how because he/she lives far off or you might not know your friend's bank account number. Well, every problem in this world has solution. You just need to discover it.


And yes there is a solution to your's as well. The answer to your problem is Western Union.


What is Western Union?


Western Union is a money transfer agency that allows customers to send money to their dear ones who lives in far away places. It is an ideal method for you to transfer money if you are living in another country and you need to send money to your family back home. Western Union has branches in over 200 countries.


How to transfer money?


Transfer of money can be done in two simple steps.


  1. Talk to the person to whom you are sending the money. Get to know their place so that you will know to which country/region you need to send the money to. Also get their location code. This is essential if you need to have a successful transfer. With some extra fees, you can secure your transfer using a password. This is on top of producing the Identification. Make sure that the name you give to agent who sends the money, matches with name present on ID card of your friend.


  2. Second step, send the money. Of course, there are various ways to do this. You can send money online, in-person using forms, in-person without using forms but via phone or directly over the phone.


    a) Online:--- Perhaps the most simplest of all. Visit the Western Union website follow the instructions present on the webpage. Use your credit card to pay for the transfer and the extra charges. With online transfer you can choose the transfer as "money in minutes", home delivery, 3-day delivery etc. Of course, the extra charges is always going to be more for the online transfer.


b) In-person at an authorised agency:--- Goto the Western union website, find an authorised agent near you. Visit the nearby Western Union store. Fill up the forms and provide them with all necessary information that's required to transfer the money.


    1. In-person at the agency over the phone:--- In case you don't like to fill up forms, or you have visited an agency that do not use forms then you can call the Western Union Customer Service, give all the information necessary for transferring the money over the phone. The Western Union agent on the phone will provide you with a transaction number, which you should take inside and tell the clerk before paying for the transfer.


d) Over the phone:--- The last option is that you can do the transfer directly through the phone. This would, however, need your credit card or debit card. Call the Western Union agency and follow the agents instructions.