Most people learn through there camera programs how to copy or transfer digital photos from their camera onto their computer, but many are confused as to how to do it the opposite way.Yes you can also copy them from your computer then touch up your pictures and copy them back onto the camera.




While the photos are on the computer you can resize, remove red eye and flip them to another angle and generally fix photos to look the way you want them to look, before sending them to your friends.I hope to make this process a little clearer for you to be able to do these things for yourself.




You will need:




·A computer

·A digital computer

·USB Cable or memory or flash card

Using USB Cable




You will need to connect one end of your USB cable that came with your camera into to your computer. So that that you can transfer the photos from the computer to the camera. The other end needs to be connected to your digital camera.




Now double click on the My Computer icon on the desktop of your computer.This will open up a list of all your drives on your computer.




Open the file or folder that holds the photos on your computer that you wish to put back onto the camera. If they are all in one folder it will be quite simple.Right click on that folder then click on copy




Now go back to where you saw all the drives on your computer.You could click on the little back arrow.




You should now see a removable drive which will be your digital camera. It could be- F: Removable drive or H: Toshiba. It will depend on how many drives your particular computer has.

Right click on this Drive representing your digital camera. Then left click on Paste.Your photos should now all be on your digital camera.




Disconnect the camera from your computer.You can now turn on your camera and view your photos the same way you do when taking photos.




Using a Flash or memory card







Follow the same procedure except instead of connecting a USB cable you will take the memory card out of your camera and put it in the slot in your computer.




Double click on my computer and copy the file or folder with the photos in on your computer.Then Paste them onto the removable drive which is your memory card.




Remove the flash or memory card and put it back into your camera.




No that was not too hard even for the novice to understand, now I hope you will take many more photos for others to enjoy.




Resizing your Photos




I don't know if you have ever been sent some photos on an email and you have to jiggle it around to see the whole picture.It is frustrating to say the least.I will show you how you can resize your photos so as not to have this problem again.







For this lesson I am using the Jasc Paint shop Pro Program. First of all you will need to open the program then you will see File, edit, view etc across the top.Click on File, then click on open now look for the photo that you wish to resize. And open it.Fig1










Now left click on Image, a drop down menu will open then click on resize. Fig 2




You will notice there is pixel size, percentage of original, and actual print size.For this example I want you to click on the small round area on the left of actual print size.This will put a dot in that, if the dot is not already in there.




On my diagram I have the number 5.000.To make my picture larger I will change it to 9.000.To do this, highlight the 5 and type 9 in its place.Now click on Ok.







You will now notice that it is a larger picture.Now you will need to save it.You can also change it from a Jpeg to a gif or a png file.







To do that, click on save as then at the bottom you will see save as type with a white box and on the right is a small arrow.Click on that and choose which type of picture you want to save it as.







That is how easy it is to resize and change the type of picture.Experiment with other features now and try your hand at changing the brightness and colors or other features in the program. If you get stuck you can always click on the help menu for more instructions.







Before experimenting with any photos, always, always make a copy of the picture to experiment on.If you make a mistake then it will not matter.If you play around with the original then you will have a problem if things go wrong.










Here are a few more tip on Digital Photography it is so much easier than the old cameras where you had to do everything yourself