If you are thinking of a funny look this Halloween, then the best option for you is that of Jackie Moon costume. These costumes come with white and orange striped head band similar to the one in Will Ferrell movie. A pair of shorts made of polyester that has an elastic waist. Orange and teal stripes at the side are also included. The costume is given a finishing touch with a polyester jersey. It has a flint tropics logo on it. Jackie Moon's number which is "33" is engraved or printed on front of the T-shirt. A larger screen number is printed on the back of the jersey. By adorning this costume you are sure to be the centre of attraction at any Halloween's costume party. A Jackie Moon wig can be worn on the head to add that extra look. A pair of basket ball shoes of the 70's can be worn. A pair of wrist bands can be worn to give that extra feel and stellar look.

A Jackie Moon outfit is considered incomplete without his signature hair style. The wig which is of high quality is made up of synthetic hair that is curly. The wig has nylon fitting on the interior to give a comfortable fit throughout the day. The other important accessory of the Halloween Jackie Moon outfit is the sweat band. You can also give extra fittings or compliment your Jackie moon outfit by choosing the perfect accessories and adorning them.

While adorning a Jackie moon costume this Halloween you are sure to garner laughs and appreciation and at the same time have the plus point of wearing the outfit that is the most comfortable at the same time. You can purchase a flint top made of jersey and matching shorts that come along. You can sport a stylish wig, shoes, socks, and a head band. The Jackie moon Halloween costume is said to be one of the easiest costumes to wear or adorn. You have the choice of two different varieties to choose from. The Semi-Pro uniform set is the first type and Semi-Pro warm up costume. The accessories that can be worn with the Jackie moon costume are even sold separately. You can check out for the striped socks, head bands, basket ball shoes, and arm bands which are sold separately also. Hence you need to check out whether you have got all the necessary accessories with your costume or you need to go for them separately.