I grew up playing with the various innovative Transformers toys as a youngster. These toys featured cool vehicles like sports race cars, police cars, tractor trailers, jet planes, and even futuristic space ships. There were also other objects like weapons, boombox radios and microscopes. What made these toys especially cool was their power to transform, from their object form to a robot action figure! These Transformers toys were based upon the popular children's television show and comic books which featured the good guy Autobots versus the bad guy Decepticons. The two opposing sides of robot warriors clashed in a battle for supremacy and over their home planet, as well as planet Earth. Many fans were ecstatic when they brought the movie to life on the silver screen several years ago, as it featured the fan favorite robots from both sides. The storyline was a bit different, as it was an adaptation by Michael Bay, but nonetheless seeing these robots alive on screen through the magic of CGI was impressive. In 2009, a sequel called "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" was released to more positive reviews from fans.

Along with the updated movies, comes an updated line of new Transformers 2 movie toys. Many of the toys have very new stylish looks when compared to the toys of yesterday. The metal toys of years ago have been replaced with newer versions today, with motorized parts and light up features. One of the biggest differences you'll notice is how Megatron has been cleverly changed. In the older days, Megatron, leader of the evil Decepticons, turned into a laser gun which blasted away at the enemies. Obviously in today's era of toys and with violence across the country, having a toy that becomes a gun is not the best idea. So Megatron got a makeover and is now a slick alien battle tank, which includes a cannon. He still shoots, just not in handheld form.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee continue to be amongst the most popular Transformers 2 movie toys available. Bumblebee is Sam (Shia LaBeouf)'s good pal in the movies, as he attempts to protect him from the bad guys. The slick yellow sports car is alos a hot ride, which helps Sam with his female friend, Mikaela, played by Megan Fox. Bumblebee is far from just a fast car though, he's also a fierce and ferocious warrior not to be reckoned with. In the second movie, he's back for more action, as is the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. Optimus is one of the most famous of the toys, the one everyone needed in their collection back in the day. He's a red, blue and silver tractor trailer truck which converts into a large robot warrior ready to do battle. Optimus is the wise leader of the good guy robots, attempting to save Sam and planet Earth from impending doom.

As with most older generation toys like Star Wars figures and GI Joe action figures, the older Transformers were given away, sold or even worse thrown out by many. Now they are seeing considerable value on the online auction site eBay, as the movies continue to gain in popularity. Time will tell if these current Transformers movie toys take on a similar value, as they move forward into the future generations.