A challenge to all book clubs

I have been transformed recently and it affects my book clubs.  I have been thinking about the criteria used by most  clubs to select their books.  As an example, one of my groups chooses books to improve our professional development as well as our individual development.  This is a group or readers made up only of business owners who want to learn ways they can keep their businesses profitable and keep themselves on top of things.  We learn a lot from the experts who write the business books and also from each other.  The business books serve as the medium to achieve all that. 

Since business books are our focus, we do not discuss other types of books such as novels, mysteries, beach books, or hobby books. Other than the business focus, we set no other criteria.

I am in another kind of reading group that chooses the books to read in a democratic way.  We all suggest books to consider from a variety of genres.  There is no single focus on type of book to read.  Once we have a substantive list of suggested candidates, we attach descriptions to them and have a voting process to pick the top 12.  When we are all satisfied with our picks, we line the books up and read each of them all year long.  Again, once the books are selected, we set no other criteria.

Neither of these book clubs set up any other criteria to work toward in selecting books.  Based on my recent reading of Flash Foresight, by Daniel Burrus, I am enthused about attaching a specific criteria that we can reach for.  We can’t achieve it every time but if we can find other readings that transform me as much as this one did, we will be the most revved up book club on the planet!

When I read or see something so transforming as Flash Foresight, I want to talk to someone – anyone – about my experience.  What better way than through your own reading group!  Looking for books that will transform us is going to be a challenge, but why not try?  I think we would use different search methods to identify books that may meet that added criteria. 

If you have read this book and want to discuss how it has changed you, I want to hear from you!  If you are in the process of starting book clubs, you may want to discuss this recommendation.  I learned so much about how I can confidently predict my future and have control over most of it.  What a concept!  I am close to getting a board game ready for the marketplace and this book has greatly influenced my entire approach.

Here is a partial list of criteria that some book clubs use; I am adding my best one at the end. 

1.  Select books that makes you feel good about something (life, love, life, relationships, mother earth, etc.)

2.  Select books that help you learn something completely new

3.  Select “anti” books that discuss something that goes against the grain of what you already know or believe

4.  Select the most popular books

5.  Select books that teach you about other cultures