Transgender Narcissist and Facebook!
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     If you're transgender and have a Facebook page then you have narcissistic friends, whether you know it or not. They are typically people who are the center of their own universe, extremely selfish and do not care about other people in any way, other than how they can serve them. Everyone has narcissism in them, it just matters how much. Too little and you have a low self esteem due to lack of self love. Too much and well, you're a narcissist. Somewhere in the middle is the healthy self respect that we all strive for. An extreme narcissist will believe that world, indeed the entire universe, revolves around them. Only if they have a use for you will they keep you around, and the second that you are no longer useful to them in any way they will discard you. Regardless of any feelings you may or may not have for them. You have to be careful on Facebook, you can get hurt. You need to avoid these people so here are some ways to spot an extreme narcissist on Facebook.

 They adore themselves:

  • No detail of their life in unimportant, especially to you. They post everything from the latest pictures of themselves(usually bikini or muscle shots, up to and including everything in their wardrobe) and keeping everyone updated on their lives no matter how small the event.

  • They will talk about themselves and pretty much nothing else. They go on and on about every detail about their lives from who they are dating to what they had for dinner. They know that everyone wants to read about every detail of their lives and why not, its fascinating stuff(not)

  • Everything in their lives is perfect, their relationships, family, job, they pass well and no one ever makes fun of or discriminates against them in any way. They control exactly how they present to the world and can make up their lives exactly the way they dream it should be. You will never catch a narcissist posting they had macaroni and cheese for dinner. No way! It will always be duck a l'Orange or some other exotic( and dare I mention it's always home made) dish. They create the perfect image of themselves and then create the spin. Transgender women can end up looking at these pages and end up feeling bad about themselves over a lie. Photo shopped or imitation photos can crush a transgender women who do not believe that they pass well. Not to mention the seemingly growing number of cisgender women who are pretending to be transgender for reasons of their own.

  • Have you ever seen a picture of them that is not perfect or looks doctored. Chances are it is, leaving your self esteem in the gutter over an imaginary person. Look close, very close for flaws and imperfections. If there are none the it may be a doctored photograph. Usually their photographs will be them on a beach or in front of a mirror because they love to show you how good their body looks, and it's always an Olympian or Goddess physique, further grinding your average transgender woman’s self esteem into the ground. It is bad enough that most if not all the advertising, Hollywood movies or TV shows use cisgender women as models or actors. Establishing an unreachable goal for most transgender women.

  • They are constantly updating you about everything and anything about their lives with incredibly long detailed diatribes and them message you to read them, asking for a comment or opinion later when they think you have read it. Over posting and self glorification go hand in hand on Facebook.

  • Narcissists love to praise each other for their incredible self centered attitudes. This is called narcissistic mirroring, praising and justifying another narcissists behavior. Basking in each others glow on a mass scale can often give them away. While giving backhanded compliments to anyone they judge unworthy. Check their pages, see what they post about each other. Beware however, you might start to feel a little sick to your stomach.


     So now you know a few ways to help you identify a transgender narcissist on Facebook. While going through real life training and hormone treatments, you are going to have a lot of emotions and thoughts that you have never had before. You are also going to become more sensitive to what people say and do around you in terms of your gender identity and body image. Try to remember that you are a beautiful person regardless if you pass well or look great in a bikini. These are just bodies trapping our spirits within. Transgender women who participate in a false hierarchy always seem to be the ones that end up placing themselves at the top and everyone else at the bottom. They can really damage other transgender women who are trying to make their way through live without being the real, or imagined, epitome of what a cisgender woman should look like. We are all transgender! Whether you pass or not, on hormones or not, got the surgery or not, we are ALL brothers and sisters! So if you're doing it, stop! If you're a victim, use the Facebook block function, it can be the first step to loving yourself.


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