Shipping Containers

Completed Shipping Container homeCredit: Shipping container home pic by Silicone Valley



Transportable Shipping containers are becoming more and more in demand for a variety of reasons. They can be transposed into modern homes, used in businesses for offices and lunchrooms. Not only that, if for some reason you want to live in a different area they can be transported to the new area for an affordable fee.

Shipping-container offices

If you have never seen a shipping-container home, then you need to go and have a look before you condemn the idea. I was surprised when first told about it. Then I went for an interview for a job and the interview was held inside a converted shipping-container on their new office site.

At the time of the interview, the outside had not been modernized. And did look out of place, but once inside you would not have known the difference from any other office building. It was air conditioned, the walls and ceilings were fully lined, filled with the normal office furniture, with wall mounted cupboards and desks like any other office. And no I did not get the job but would have been more than happy to work in that environment.

Advantages of a transportable shipping-container

Why would you want to shift your home I hear you ask? For a variety of reasons people become dissatisfied living where they live. How often have you seen people with a problem neighbor, whether it is from disagreements or the way the neighbors treat their homes as a dumping ground for wrecked vehicles and rubbish. This would no longer be a problem if you had your own shipping container home. Just pull up stakes or should I say dismantle and move your transportable shipping container home to a new property in another suburb, and sell your old property.


Reduce your home debt by looking outside the box

Choose the size to suit

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes:

The standard external 20 foot shipping container

  • The length inside is approximately 17’ 8” (5.42m)
  • The inside width is 7’5” (2.275.m)
  • The inside height is 7’5” (2.260m)

The external 40 foot shipping container

  • The length inside is approximately 37’8” (11.490m)
  • The inside width is 7’5” (2.270m)
  • The inside height is 7’2” (2.197m)

 Outside appearance of a shipping container

 At first look the outside appearance of a shipping container would turn most people off this idea.  With more foresight, if you can get past that and use your imagination you will soon see the other benefits. Once you have fitted sliding glass doors and spacious airy windows you will see a big difference.

Where else would you find a stronger building structure?  Shipping containers survive all sorts of storms and climatic changes all over the world.  Their strong steel structure makes them easy to stack together or overlap. They also come with thick marine ply flooring.

  So if for no other reason I believe you would feel a lot safer living in this type of structure than a wood framed home, even when small gusty winds are forecast on the weather reports. Some of these container homes have a spiral staircase inside to reduce wasted space; others have them on the outside.

Shipping Container Home DesignCredit: Shipping container home pic by Jesse C Smith on flickr

Design and live in a shipping container

 Once a shipping container home is setup on the block and the interior decorations and furnishings have been completed you will not know the difference from any other home.  Several of these containers can be mounted in such a way that you can make your home appear like any other two or three story home.

 For instance one container can be made to fit into the side of a hill and used like any normal underground garage. Two more can be mounted on top of this in such a way that one overhangs out the back to form a large patio underneath.  The one out the front will create your own balcony overlooking your front garden.  It will of course depend on how you place each shipping container, in order to achieve the design or plan for your future shipping container home.

 Before you rush out and buy a few of these shipping containers; you need to check with your particular shire or council and their rules and bylaws of using them.  Some areas restrict the style of home you put on your block, other councils ascertain what kind of fences you are allowed and what type of structure and height that you can put on your block.   So check the bylaws before you make any final decision.


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