Many people at some time in their lives will need to have something transported from one place to another. It may be something small like a package or parcel, or something larger such as an item of furniture or office equipment, or larger still such as the entire contents of their home. It could be a business that is relocating to larger premises or a family emigrating to another country. Whatever it is that needs to be transported, there are several transportation methods or options available that each have their own benefits and reasons for being chosen. This article takes an overview style look at the transportation methods available.

Transportation by Road

This is the most widely used form of transportation for forwarding freight or goods across land as it provides options that other forms of transportation cannot, such as flexibility, access to out of the way places, cost effectiveness for larger shared loads and smaller items that need to be transported locally.

Transportation by Rail

This is probably the most cost effective way of transporting freight cargo long distances across country where there is easy access to loading and unloading points that are also close to the pickup and destination. I can also be faster than road transportation over longer distances, although its advantages over road transport across shorter distances are reduced considerably.

Transportation by Air

This is the method favoured by many for smaller, lighter loads that need to get to faraway destinations the quickest, be it across country or internationally. Air transportation is also the most expensive form of shipping goods from one place to another. However, if those goods have to get to their destination within the shortest time possible, the costs are offset by the considerable reduction in delivery time over other methods.

Transportation by Sea

This is the most economical transportation method for shipping both large and medium volumes of freight internationally. Its major downside is the time taken for freight to reach its destination by this method, although not all freight is under such tight time restrictions.

Transportation by Canal

This method is one of the oldest forms of economical cross country transportation for large and heavy loads. It has largely fallen into disuse with the faster and more convenient transportation methods such as road or rail freight, but it is still used by some industries that have easy access to the canal system and where the freight destination is also accessible by the same canal system.

Transportation by Courier

This is the method used by inner city companies that need to have smaller parcels and packages delivered fast either across town, countrywide or internationally. There are several large international courier services that provide extremely fast turnaround on parcels, often quoting next day delivery for most national transportation.

These are the main transportation methods available to people who need to transfer goods from one place to another and this concludes this overview.